Roxanne, Roxanne, Roxanne

  • Workout Date - 09/13/2016
  • Q In Charge - Hermie
  • The PAX - White Walker, Clapper, Homeward Bound, Squince
  • AO -

I have never left a workout regretting being there, That’s what I told myself when I drug myself out of the fartsack this a.m. without the help of my trusty accountability bros. Once again, at 3:30 in the afternoon, I can still say the same thing. Here’s what went down

5:30ish: pulls up at to see four of the tanks finest already warming up.
Q blasting his favorite song for the am from his open-aired automobile…you guessed it “Roxanne”
Q rallies the boys over to the parking lot for his first their second warmup- jog in place while listening to the good ol song “Roxanne”. When you hear the word “roxanne” drop for a burpee. (total of #27 “Roxannes” per song). Much fun. Rinse and repeato.
Now we’re warm, mosey to the outer track for a tour of Gower. Squince starts hacking a lung, pulls back to take the shortcut to Hermies hamster wheel. the rest of us take the stink route thru gower, by Hermies Holler to meet up with Squince back at the playground. What’s that? I think I hear Roxanne.. 27 burpees later, we paired up for a different kind of Hamster wheel. 1-2-3-4-5 stations. 1 threw legs on 2, 3 threw legs on 4, and 5 did a lap around the playground perimeter. Quick transition where 5 moved to 1, 1 moved to 2, etc. We did this until everyone had their legs thrown twice and had the great opportunity to run the track. Rinse and repeat, but with faster transition now that we all had it figured out.
Circle back up for a little more “Roxanne.” Burpee total up to 108.
We’re so close to the Hamster wheel, it would be a shame not to get a little wheeling in. 1-2-3-4-5 positions. 1- pull-ups, 2- air squats 3- pull-ups, 4 air squats 5 run the perimeter. 5, after running, moved into one, and everyone went to the next #- smooth transition, and this sucked on the pullups. Q gave option of rinse and repeat or roxanne, and, as bad as the pull-ups sucked, everyone opted to rinse and repeat.
We were all spent,b ut we moseyed to the tennis court for four corners. 5 dudes, four corners of a 5 court area. 4 dudes disbursed to each of the (what turned out to be) very very far corners and started on the core of their choice while one man ran between the four corners. corner 1- flutter, corner 2- plank jacks, corner 3- freddy mercury, corner 4- mtn climbers. runner got to 1 and took over on flutter while person that was doing flutter took off and ran to relieve person at station two doing plank jacks, and so on and so on. Make sense? Maybe you just had to be there.

Well that sucked. Circle up. It’s 6:16. Q apologizes for going over, then starts roxanne One More Time. this time for Merkins on the R word.

SKIN- I enjoyed it, hope you did.
PRAYER- Squince- his fam with this nasty URI, especially his bride. And for discernment on work decisions.
Pray for the tankard F3 bros.

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