Round the track Robin

  • Workout Date - 02/08/2017
  • Q In Charge - T-bag
  • The PAX - Duplo, B-Flat, Fender Bender, FDIC, Beanie Weenie, BOGO, Fargo, Clarinet, Abacus, Partner, Mr. Belding, Francis, Waterboy, 12th Man, Quaker, Whittle, T-bag
  • AO -

17 men showed up on a warm but wet Wednesday morning at Hurricane Alley to better themselves. Little did they know they would get T-bagged. This is what went down.


  • SSH IC x 30
  • Windmill IC x 10


Split up into 5 groups for a ‘Round the track Robin’

There are 4 stations located around the track.

Each Station has 2 exercises posted

  • Station 1 – LBC’s & Mercans
  • Station 2 – Squats & Flutters
  • Station 3 – Heals to Heaven & Lunges
  • Station 4 – Air Presses & American Hammers

Time to mosey around the track. Group 1 falls off at station 1 and starts the 1st listed exercise. Mosey to station 2 where group 2 falls off and starts the 1st listed exercise. Mosey to station 3….you get the idea. Once group 4 falls off at station 4, group 5 completes the lap and relieves group 1 at station 1. Group 1 goes to station 2 and relieves group 2…..again, you get the idea. Once everyone has done one circuit of the first listed exercise they go to the 2nd exercise. This went on till time was up.

No time for Mary


  • Starting 22-Feb – All Hurricane Alley workouts will start at 5:15 (still 45 minutes long)
  • F3 Family Picknic – Marathon Church – Either 22-April or 29-April. Let 12th Man know what date you prefer
  • BOGO starting a Sunday Funday workout at NewSpring Powdersville Campus this Sunday at 5PM

Prayer Requests:

  • T-Bags Sister – battling Cancer
  • FDIC & Family to keep up with Healthy Lifestyle
  • For us to learn patience while waiting on the Lord’s direction

T-bag out

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