• Workout Date - 02/02/2015
  • Q In Charge - Floppy
  • The PAX - TOT 10: Fluffy Nougat, One Direction, Sadiq, Macho Man, Mab Mab, Sushi, Look Out Below, Cocoon, Nature Boy, Butter Bean GATE 3: THE Hard Hat, Uber, Floppy
  • AO -

It was sad to see the flag go, but watching that caravan roll in at 6:19 did my soul good.  Thanks TOTers, whoever you are.  Here’s what went down.

Prelude: YHC arrives at AO with a rope to throw over a tree limb, but the limb is too high!  Return home for throwline.  Arrive at AO just behind 5 government issued Hummers.  Okay, maybe it was 4 civilian Suburbans, but it was an inspired sight, nevertheless.  Scramble to install rope with 60 seconds to spare. Thankfully THE Hard Hat and Uber had arrive to back me up.

How it went down: “Circle up and do an Al Gore (tree hugger squat).”

That was pretty boring so “let’s circle up around the rope.”

While around the rope, “first person climbs, everyone holds Al Gore.”

After a few climbers go by I remind PAX to “hold Al Gore!”

PAX: “Hold Al Gore?”

After one completion of Rope-o-rama we did a(n)…

Flash forward: YHC looks for kindle fire to name exercise, returns to AO to pick it up!

…Burp & Burk, which is a traditional burpee adding a push-up after each iteration.  Since we were all, clearly, F3 men, we did 1-10, 10-1 no problem (okay, it hurt but only a little).

One more rope-o-rama, this time “hang for 30 seconds.”

PAX: “Somebody start counting!”

During that (or another) iteration we held plank, reverse-plank alternating after every climber.

After everyone hung from the rope for 30 “seconds” we performed BLIMPS (Burpee5, Lunge10, Imp. Walkers15, Merkins20, Plank Jacks25, Squats30).  Those all need to be doubled.

One more rope-o-rama, this time PAX holds a squat the entire time.  Well, PAX was *supposed* to hold squat the entire time.  YHC couldn’t do it.

One more round, this time evens to burpees (or climb) while odds rest, switching after every climb of course.  I believe this is when Macho Man pleaded, “somebody start counting.”  He receives the MIP award for hang time.

Nature Boy wasn’t getting enough and wanted some cardio.  Suicides flashed through my head but the lot was too slippery and I really wanted to show off our AO so we took a rapid tour to hit the pull-up bars for two sets of max count.  My second set was 2.5 (I believe this approximates the definition of smoked).

Finally, we ran in for 1MOM, which was 60 plank jacks.  Everyone went home with dry underwear.  You’re welcome.

Announcements and Requests: Mud Run in April, Conestee run coming up Saturday, THE Hard Hat’s brother heading to Africa, Family Leadership.

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