Roots Planted Deep

  • Workout Date - 08/16/2014
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - Golden Sombrero, Johnny5, Alfred, Inspector Gadget, Erector, Klinger (Chris FNG), Urnluck (Kyle FNG), Itunes(Wayne FNG), Whig, Grr, House (Corey FNG), Hagrid, Lizard Lick (formerly Repo), MapQuest (Will FNG), Captain Plug, Louganis, Peterbuilt, Penguin, Bib WD, Snowden, Wally (Zach FNG), Earthmover
  • AO -

22 PAX (6 FNGs) posted to the second edition of F3Greer for some Earthmover excitement. What a great AO and an awesome core of guys being formed. Welcome back to all the guys who were FNGs last week!

Warm Up:
1 Burpee
2 Burpees
15 Prisoner Squats OYO
3 Burpees
20 LBAC IC (both directions)
4 Burpees
30 Skaters
5 Burpees

The Thang
Mosey around the lake and off the reservation to the side of an old building. Grab some wall for peoples chair 1 minute regular 1 minute with arms out

Mosey to the entrance to City Park. Count off to form 2 groups.

Group 1- backwards run to first light pole, 1 burpee, jog back. Backwards run to second pole, 2 burpees, etc. 7 poles x 2 rounds. Plank up when finished.
Group 2- head down to the field and partner up for Dora 2/4/6 with 200 squats, 400 flutters, 600 air presses. Wait what?? Audible to 2/3/4

Switch up so both groups have fun with both.

Mosey over to amphitheater wall for 20 dips/10 squats, then 10 dips/20 squats

Back with your group for double applesauce Indian Run back to starting point. FNG Itunes with headphones on needed some help here!

Back at start area circle up for 2 Tabata sets with mountain climbers and LBCs. Yesssss!! I got a “this sucks” from Snowden!

Freddy Mercury
Air Humpers
6 Inches

Great job from all the FNGs! We like to say “it doesn’t get easier but you get better.”
Prayer Requests for Golden’s Dad, Tydre, Erector, Missionary group in unnamed middle East nation
#getnaked all Pax encouraged to get annual skin exam from dermatologist. That funny looking mole on your shoulder is not going to go away

Always a pleasure! See ya in the gloom!


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