Rookie Beatdown

  • Workout Date - 12/07/2022
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

7 Swamp Rabbits posted in the rainy gloom and planted the VSF at the Peace Center for an almighty beatdown administered by rookie Q’s.  Me thinks they were a bit fired up for this one.

The Thang:

Warmup (Bartman on Q)
LBC x20
Bicycle x15
IW x25
SSH x20

Mosey down Main Street to the bottom of falls park to meet up with the Beast
Run from the bottom of falls park up to main street with 3 stops along the way, 6 reps at each stop. Run back to the bottom with the same 3 stops, 6 reps at each stop. Plank session at the bottom.
Round 1: merkins.
Round 2: air squats.
Round 3: lunges

Mosey up and across Falls Park looking for a flat area for Duck Duck Goose.
Circled up with everyone doing leg extensions (6” off the ground), the exercise began with running around the outside of the circle, the next person began once the guy before him was back in the circle. This continued until everyone had a turn. We then flipped over and did the same exercise while in the plank position.

Handed the Q to Hootie

Mosey down to the high steps by LAZY GOAT for 11’s
Fairy Jacks at the bottom and Merkin Jacks at the top. #crowdpleaser
Plank up at the bottom

Mosey to the Bridge Over the River Reedy.
Bunny Hopped the length of the bridge and then moseyed up the steps to Main St. and back where we started in front of Peace Center.

In and outs x20 (IC)
V-up-Roll Ups x15 (IC)
Pulse Up-V-Ups x13 (IC)
Mason Twists AMRAP.

Awesome to see 7 PAX on a rainy Thurs for yet another impromptu workout. We keep this up and we’ll have to give the workout an “official” name.

Great Q by @Bartman and @Hootie. #WhosaidTheirRookies

Taking orders for our kettlebell purchase from @Nibbler (Iceman is Q) #SplashTheCash

Shoutout to @OneDirection – hope the ankle recovers quickly

@Runstopper and @Dora from CLT have the Q for Legacy this Saturday #NoPainNoGain



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