Rondas Return

  • Workout Date - 12/31/2016
  • Q In Charge - Blue Hawaii
  • The PAX - COCKROACH, Wally, AJ, Stitch
  • AO -

5 made it out to #TheStation to fight their way out of the #sack and enjoy some 27 degree weather to finish up 2016 right! 1 did not make it…guess he is human. #Iceman


Talk about how bad Ronda got beat up last night…ok we should probably start now.

20 ic x Ssh
20 ic xHill Billy’s
40 ic x Arm Circles
10ic merkins

The Thang

Let’s mosey to the island

DEALERS choice Q. In between exercises the Pax complete 5 chest to bar pull-ups
Blue -squats
Stitch -Merkins
COCKROACH- Cork screws
Aj- Captain America’s
Wally- Hanging knees to elbows-Wally liked YHCs Tuesday Q.

The Pax lined up at the light pole on Cannon. And lunged walked up…Rinse and Repeat from Tuesday. We also caught up on Christmas again.

Wally- Got an could YHC forget!!

The Pax moseyed to MUMC for some tire flips and coupon work. After that we moseyed around the neighborhood transferring a coupon around in between burpees and core exercises.

Before making our way back to the church we stopped at the baseball field and did some base work. COCKROACH really struggled to follow directions and insisted that it was the Qs fought he could not follow along. #somecatchonquickerthanothers

Anyways we finished up and did some spring cleaning at the church before finishing the workout. The broken blocks are gone and the Pax restacked all the blocks for a cleaner look. Gotta take care of the grounds so we can keep this privilege. As always it’s a pleasure to lead you men and roach in the gloom!

Have a safe night and Happy New Years brothers!


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