Roll of the Dice

  • Workout Date - 12/02/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Caliendo, Obama (aka Gargamel), Garth Bieber, Homeward Bound, Soul Plane (WD), Bib, White Walker, LittleBluePill, Inspector Gadget, FNG Dexter - Shaft, Iceman
  • AO -

11 men (and 1 FNG) planted the #shovelflag at #Legacy for their daily #DownPAINment.

YHC was in Charleston over the Thanksgiving weekend where I picked up a new workout trick – #DiabolicalDice. This would be shared with the PAX today.

The Thang:

Burpees x10
Lunges x15
Imperial Walkers x20 (IC)
Merkins x25
Plank Jacks x30

Short mosey to the wall in front of the #Fern. Plank walk down the wall, then 6″ until everyone is finished.
Mosey to the backside of the #Fern – Homage to F3Kathmandu:
Alternate 60 secs people chair and 60 secs mtn climbers, repeato x3. @Bib pointed out that I sounded like a commercial during the peoples chair – whatever it takes to make the pain go away

Mosey down to the bottom of 1D’s hill where the dice were waiting

Here’s how it works – there are 3 dice in the container (1 green and 2 white). Whatever number the green die lands on indicates the exercise. Add the white die together for the number of reps (single count). The possible exercises were – lbc’s, plank, merkins, squats, diamond merkins and burpees.
The dice favored planks and merkins today. Only did a couple sets of squats, lbc’s and one set of burpees. The dice dealt 4 rounds of planks – 80 secs, 80 sec, 70 secs and 100 secs & plenty of merkins and diamond merkins. Once everyone had rolled the dice, we ran to the top of 1D’s hill and back down. Round 2 we increased the reps to IC, once done backwards run up the hill.

Mosey to the field for #southcackalacky railroad. Once at the top of the hill, the dice made another appearance.
This time if the green die landed on even we did Dan Taylor, odd Freddy Krueger.
@Obama rolled the dice and we had to do Dan Taylor X7 #smoked
@Inspector Gadget rolled the dice and we had to do Freddy Krueger x7 #sucktastic
We had time for one last roll of the dice – Jack Webb x4 (and back down).

Moseyed back to the shovelflag


Naked Moleskin
– The #Dice make for a sneaky hard workout. As I type this #backblast, I’m already pretty sore.
– Great work by FNG Dexter (Shaft). We may have to rename him because Shaft is already taken
– This was an older crowd today. @GarthBieber was #WB and I bet the avg age was low to mid 40’s. #oldmanstrong

– Walker
– @GCOD as they travel to Asia to get Dennis
– Holiday party tonight. Not too late to RSVP.
– @Soul Plane shared with us that his son @HandyManny is getting baptized tomorrow. Congrats Handy!!
– Gideons House Holiday workout and breakfast 12/23

See ya in the gloom…..


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