Roid's First Time Beatdown

  • Workout Date - 10/13/2014
  • Q In Charge - Roid
  • The PAX - Gluten, QT, Poodle, Roll Back, FNG Hurricane, Spidey, Face, Domer Simpson, Brown Shorts, Roid,
  • AO -
10 PAX with a FNG included showed up in the gloom to take up the challenge in the wet early morning hours before the sun made it’s way to our horizon. As I sit and type this, I can feel the ache beginning to set into all the parts of my body I pushed this morning. Even as fatigue overtook our bodies and the lactic acid burned every fiber of our muscles, we gave it our all. We would like to welcome FNG Hurricane (that destroyed us all) to the F3 brotherhood. I was truly honored to Q for the first time today and hope these men will benefit from the sweat that fell to the ground.
20 SSH Side Straddle Hops
15 Merkins
OYO Arm rows
15 Mountain Climbers
Mosey around building to terminate at “The Shed” to grab blocks:
The Blocks: 
2 sets with no rest and we never put blocks down.
21’s or 777 Curls
20 Military Press
15 Triceps Ext
15 LBC with blocks held with straight arm over face
No rest, rinse and repeat.
Mosey to hill through woods,
Indian Run:
We serpentined the parking lot to front right bldg corner.
4 Corner Escalators:
with hard sprints between corners.
10-20-30-40 Merkins
Active Rest: People’s Chair (motivational verse: Jer 12:5)
5-10-15-20 Jump Knee Tucks
Non-Active Rest: SGs
10-20-30-40 LBCs
Active Rest: 6 inches
10-20-30-40 SSH
Active Rest: People’s Chair (motivational verse: 1 Cor 1:18)
5-10-15-20 Air Squats
Jail Break to flag after last corner.
Plank up for to wait for the beat and broken.
20 Mountain Climbers
Anderson Launch is coming up on 10/18
Chuck Waldrop. Brown Shorts’ wife, Ron, (Face’s Dad’s friend) and his Worship Leader,Tool Man, Hook and Ladder, Domer Simpson as they are consider fostering children.
We continue to pray for all the men of F3!


4 thoughts on “Roid's First Time Beatdown”

  1. I thank GOD for my F3Brothers from Revive! Poodle, Steamer, Spidey, QT, Tupac, ROID… did I leave anybody out? Thanks for coaching us up with not just the fitness, but the fellowship and the faith! I’m excited for the IMPACT men experience as they do the #CSAUP things that GOD uses to strengthen us. F3NATION is a movement men need to experience for such a time as this! We recognize the prevailing lack of male community leadership. Thanks for using the scriptures from God’s word to remind us He desires so much more for us than we can ever imagine! Look forward to seeing the ongoing impact as the EH-ing one man at a time continues to spread this opportunity so more men come to join our COT and BOM! God is #1. Others are 2nd. We are 3rd! Aye! See you in the gloom!

  2. Congrats on the VQ Roid! It sounds like you really put the PAX to the test. Just as P squared destroyed my Birthday beatdown, Hurricane destroyed this one.

    I have missed posting over there, and I hope I see to you guys in Anderson in Saturday.

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