Rodeo Clown

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  • Workout Date - 03/25/2023
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27 men fought their way out of the fartsack on this cold and windy morning for the vQ of Earp. Let me tell you…Earp brought it this morning with some old standards and some creativity #whatthaheckisaRodeoClown?¬†

Uncle T.B.C. posting for Earp 

Imperial Walker-17

Tha Tank Thang

The pax split into three groups each starting at one of Earps painStations

Station 1
Mosey to hill behind Jason’s Furniture
Jacob’s ladder
Burpees at the top to 7

Station 2
Mosey to the basketball courts for rodeo clown-reverse Indian run, the pax runs around the basketball courts while the first in line races around to catch the pax #sneakyhard #Flaymerloted…again #Ithinksomebodyowessomebody$5

Station 3
Mosey to Hermie’s hill
4 corner escalator on the hills
-5 burpees
-10 merkins
-15 squat jumps
-20 Freddie Mercury’s

10 Burpees for Spicoli #we’rehereforyoubrother

Mosey back to the tennis courts for 6MOM

-Russian twist-20
-flutter-52 #thoseMeadorshaveaflutterproblem 

Prayers for Spicolli
Praise for Papparaski #shesaidyes #whatwasshethinking?

Naked Moleskin
Earp smoked it on his vQ. Great job young man! #prouduncleT.B.C.

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