Rocking out #300

  • Workout Date - 12/08/2014
  • Q In Charge - Blue Hawaii
  • The PAX - YHC, Erector, Science Guy, Glee, Amelia, Mrs. Doubtfire, Martina, Stuart Smalley, Slap chop, Epee, Lizard Lick, Walley, 00,
  • AO -

13 Pax resisted the fart sack this morning to come out in the windy cold gloom to put in a #downpainment at The Burbs! This was YHC’s first Q outside of the Station! YHC felt like we needed some old school rock n roll to get us started! Nothing like a little AC/DC blaring on The Bose sound link to get a Monday moving…anyways here’s how it went down..



Main Thang

#300 Workout
15 Circuits
5 Merkins IC
10 Squats IC
5 Merkins IC
10 LBC’s IC

Every 5 rounds one lap around the church and back. The Pax finished with 10 minutes on the clock so we knocked out a Dora that included….

100x Merkins (400 total) Put a smile on yo face Snowden!!!
200X line jumps
300x Air Presses

Prayers and Announcements:

Need a Q for Thursday at the Burbs
Plans to go get the Ghost Flag

Praise for Epee he got a 99.8% on his PT!! Good Work!
Praise for a good 3 month checkup for Erector!
Pray for Steve Bailey Glee’s friend who is having surgery to cut out cancer.

The Burb’s sets the bar high for F3 Swamprabbit! I appreciate and enjoyed the opportunity to Q this morning! AYE!!

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