Rockin' KBs at Pitchfork

  • Workout Date - 06/26/2015
  • Q In Charge - Third Base
  • The PAX - Affordable Care Act, M.O., Homeward Bound, Thumper, Johnny 5, 50/50, ATM, Ms. Frizzle(FNG), The Situation, The Whisperer, Look Out Below, Bambi
  • AO -

Nervous and excited to VQ at the Pitchfork this morning.  13 of us decided not to fart sack it and endure my over zealous workout.  I did do a little dancing but nothing like Carlton.


20 x SSH (4 ct)
15 Slow Mo Merkin 1 (1/4 down) 2 (1/2 down) 3 (all down) 4 back up count 1
15 x HSW (4 ct) (Hill Billy Squat Walkers)

Mosey to BB Court weight in tow
Dora 3-2-1

300 KB Swings         Team KB Walking Lunges (with Mary Katherine’s)
200 KB Squats         Team MC Hammers
100 KB Thrusters     Team Bear Crawl

I was trying to see how fast it takes ones legs to get to the consistency of jello. Let’s just say once they go numb it does not matter. Look Out Below was the BEAST of the group this morning endured using 30lbs, he missed the memo nothing over 25lbs was necessary.  The good news is, many did finish this leg punisher, however in essence of time I decided to cut out the second half of Dora (maybe we can do it next time?).  We stayed on the BB court for a four corner re-imagined Vortex of Pain.

Vortex of Pain (Re-imagined)

Station 1: 10 Man Makers
Transition: Cheerleaders (Walking Lunges with alternating Shoulder Press)
Station 2: 15 Sumo High pulls (Full Squat to high lat pulls)
Transition: Backward Lunges
Station 3: 20 Upright Rows
Transition: Bear Crawl
Station 4: 25 KB Squats
Transition: Walk, crawl, drag, to next station..
(Repeat if time allows) <- This did not happen.


Half Turkish Get Ups (5 x each side)
15 x Big Boy Sit Ups (4 count)


We had to count twice because physical exhaustion kept playing with our mind. Once we had that figured out the rest of COT was smooth.  It was a pleasure to workout with such a great group of men this morning.  I hope we can do this again sometime.

Prayer Requests:
-Johnny 5 and his family as they await the arrival of their little gift of joy.
-ATM mentioned to remember the Martin family
-The Whisper continue to pray for his daughter Katherine and all those on this mission trip and those set to leave for next mission trip.
-My mother and enduring next two weeks of treatments for Guillian-Barre.
-Those I forgot to mention that were spoken and unspoken prayer requests.

3 thoughts on “Rockin' KBs at Pitchfork”

  1. Affordable Care Act

    I’m guessing in a former life, all 12 of us did something unimaginable to you and your family. Whatever it was, we are very sorry, 3rd Base! Thanks for the beatdown we all deserved.

  2. Johnny5 and I agreed on the pink and purple dumbells next time 3rd Base has the Q. I washed my Advil (I knew I would be in pain by lunch) down with some black coffee and am powering through the pain at my desk. Nice job on the VQ 3rd Base. Proud of my FNG Ms Frizzle.

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