Rock 'n Roll 4 Corners

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  • Workout Date - 07/28/2016
  • Q In Charge - Flay
  • The PAX - Squeal, Squints, Semper, White Walker
  • AO -

Good times are the Tank today. Here’s what went down:


SSH x 20 IC

Squealbillies x 20 IC

Mosey on down to the holler to the rock pile.

Grab two rocks.

Choose wisely

White Walker did not choose wisely.

Jack Webb

1 merkin/4 press ratio. Merkins on the rocks and presses with rocks to keep everybody honest.

Up to 5 merkins/20 presses.


Rock ‘n Roll 4 Corners

Corner 1 – Bottom of the steep ramp / Corner 2 – top of the steep ramp / Corner 3 top of the short ramp / Corner 4 – bottom of the short ramp

10 reps at each corner with rocks. Backpedal up the steep ramp just because I’m a sadist. Plank and hold at the end until the 6 arrives. 10 count plank and on to the next circuit. Exercises were:

LBCs w/ rocks on chest


Slow 4ct curls

Double ct flutters with rocks extended over chest

Double ct lunges (#crowdpleaser)

Overhead tricep extensions

Finish up with long plank just to piss off Squeal.

Drop your rocks and mosey on back up to the courts


Freddie Krueger Pyramid (up to 5 bigboys/20 Freddies and back down)



  • We finally found a circuit that White Walker can’t Sugar Ray off the front. Might be because he chose two mammoth rocks, but details
  • BondoVergence this Saturday 0600 at Gideon’s
  • Prayers for Semper and his wife as she works to get on day shift
  • Welcome back to Squints from what sounds like an epic adventure out west with his 2.0


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