RIP Kirk Deligiannis

  • Workout Date - 09/29/2016
  • Q In Charge - Punkin Spice
  • The PAX - Posh Spice, THE Hard Hat, Slap-Chop, Castaway, Iceman, Noonan, Homeward Bound, Double Aught
  • AO -

9 Pax rolled into #DaBurbs on this beautiful and brisk (some even said cold) morning forewarned that pull-ups would be the main focus for this particular workout. Why you ask? Kirk Deligiannis was a pull-up monster, that’s why!

Slap-chop has arrived, it must be 0530, so the Pax circled up. YHC quickly briefed the Pax that the workout this morning would be dedicated to Kirk Deligiannis. Kirk completed SealFit Kokoro this past weekend (a 50 hour strength and endurance event administered by Navy Seals), he then unfortunately fell suddenly ill and ended up passing away less than 24 hours after completing the most demanding event he had completed to date. Kirk was/is a beloved brother of the GoRuck community, the Red, White, and Blue veterans community. He also started his own brand, Mettle Forger, that helped aspiring and veteran Obstacle Course Runners, GoRuckers, and fitness nuts in general with workout and nutritional plans. Kirk was also a fountain of information about events he had finished, and loved offering suggestions on how to complete the same type events to whomever wanted to learn. Kirk was only 31 years old, and is survived by his wife Maria and his two young boys (not sure of names and ages, but both under 5 years old I believe). Heartbreaking… RIP Kirk!

Warm Up

First exercise is… Side Straddle Hop

SSH x 31

The Thang

Mosey (the long way all the way around the church, for those that were ‘cold’) to the pull-up bars.

3 pull-up bars, 9 pax, perfect!

Split into 3 groups of 3 as YHC explains that we would be performing 3 pull-ups per man, then run 1 lap (around the parking lot island and back), then plank up until the six returns. YHC asked for these to be ‘great form’ pull-ups (you have two partners to assist), and that if at any point this workout began to suck, be thankful for the ability to be alive and working out.

Each group performed 9 rounds (27 pull-up each man) and as the six returned and we planked YHC asked that this last set of 3 be performed in ‘perfect form’ dedicating each of the 3 pull-ups to first is wife, then each of his two sons (bringing the total of pull-ups per man to 30).

We ran our last lap and planked up. YHC then asked that this 1 final ‘perfect form’ pull-up per man be dedicated to Kirk, and after the pull-up, everyone finish with a ‘dead-hang’ for time. The Pax kept ourselves busy with planks and squats while waiting on each man to finishes with their final pull-up and ‘dead hang’.

While we moseyed back the long way, all the way back around the church, we detoured to run the ‘joe’ steps (I think I scared a few Pax when I headed toward them). As we go up for the second time, Iceman informs me that there are 21 steps, Nice! (as we head up for the 3rd time), well lets see how many are over here (small set of stairs), and wouldn’t you know it that there were 10, bringing the total number of steps to 31. That was completely unplanned and I believe it was Kirk’s contribution to this mornings workout.

Next, we lunge walked from speed bump to speed bump, about 20 yards, before we finished moseying back to the start point.

6MOM time, circle up and on your six.

Flutter Kicks 4ct. x 31, straight into 6 inches.

Bring’em up to 45 degree eeerrrrr… 90 degrees (YHC’s math is apparently a little rusty)

Dolly, eerrrrr, Rosalita (YHC’s F3 is obviously a little rusty as well) 4ct. x15

Back down to 6 inches

Now some Dolly 4ct. x15


Another exercise Kirk was a beast at was Burpees, and we just so happened to have enough time at the end to circle up and have a Burpee circle, where each man took their turn at performing 1 burpee until we reached 31 total. Al Gore (hold squat) while waiting to performing a burpee.




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Prayer Request:

LORD we pray for you to watch over and be with Kirk’s widow, Maria Deligainnis and his two very young boys. Give them the strength, and love, and everything they need to get through these, what I can only imagine, are extremely difficult times they face.

Prayers also for those affected by the shootings at the elementary school in Townsville yesterday, please lift up those families, teachers, and the entire community.

Prayers for Iceman and his parents. Specifically for Ice’s father to heal quickly after a fall he had recently.

Prayers for THE Hard Hat’s son and the rest of the group from Mitchell Road Christian Academy as they travel home today from a camp they have been away at.

Prayers that something positive comes out of the circus show that we call a presidential election, and that one day a true leader may prevail and take control of this great country we call home.

Prayers for Charlotte as well as the racial tension and unjust, unnecessary, killings happening in our country. One Love!


Everyone kiss and hug your loved ones a little longer today as you remember that no day is promised, and we are blessed with every second we are given.

Kirk, you were taken to young, to soon, and it is truly a heartbreaking story. You will be missed by many that you touched the lives of. Rest In Peace brother!

Punkin out… until next time.

Pax Propter Vim


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  1. Tclaps for doing this workout. Sit up challenge that he was the champion of starts tomorrow for anyone looking to honor him with that. See the charity challenges Facebook page or the CrossFit Kells page for information regarding a special WOD in his honor.

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