Rings Of Fire Chill PowderKeg ‘gluten’free… NOT!

  • Workout Date - 11/03/2014
  • Q In Charge - Gluten
  • The PAX - [5]: Domer Simpson, Quaker(respect), Youkilis, Gutshot & Gluten(respect) – QIC.
  • AO -

Monday, 3NOV2014 WARMUP: 0530 & 28 degrees… we better get moving:

  • SSH, IC, X25
  • IW, IC, X25
  • SQUATS, X25

THE THANG: After warmup, we mosey’d round church perimeter w/ a halt in front of church entrance for first Ring Of Fire, aka ROF#1/COP#1 where PAX planked up for some sequential merkins.

  • Domino Merkins x 10 until ROF completed, recover.
  • Lunges x 9 (really 18, or 9 for each leg)
  • Squats x8
  • Burpees x 7… COP#1 completed.

Let’s mosey, round church perimeter, take 2nd left, w/ halt near upper level steps for second Ring Of Fire, ROF#2 or COP#2 for REPEATO of COP#1… get the idea? Once COP#2 completed, we extended our mosey again, but PAY ATTENTION… this one’s gonna be different! YHC, audibles for PAX to pause for some ACTIVE RECOVERY in The People’s Chair while hearing how GOD IS ABLE from the Apostle Paul’s message to the church of Ephesus (read Ephesians 3:20). PAX contemplated this for 1 minute then stepped out to the sidewalk for a couple good breaths and more squats x20… then we picked back up our mosey round the church perimeter taking (you guessed it) the 3rd left, w/ halt near middle level steps for Ring Of Fire, ROF#3, COP#3 you guessed right again, REPEATO of COP#2… Domino Merkins x 10, Lunges x9 for each leg, Squats x8, and everyones FAV, Burpees x 7! With COP#3 is in the books, we are catching our 2nd wind with another extended mosey round the church perimeter taking 4th left, w/ halt at the lower steps – although YHC is definitely demonstrating continuing signs of O2 depravation when asking ‘himself’ for a 10 second countdown then corrects himself asking Quaker for same. As we reach COP#4 Gutshot provides us a ten count and we do our routine:

  • Domino Merkins x 10 until ROF completed, recover.
  • Lunges x 9 (really 18, or 9 for each leg)
  • Squats x8
  • Burpees x 7… COP#4 completed.

YHC can’t help but notice that the steps are beckoning the PAX for a Jim Hendrix (backward bear crawl) lower, middle & upper level steps to church front entrance with lunges between lower & middle steps and backward run between middle & upper steps & plank until all PAX complete the Jim Hendrix. One last mosey round the church perimeter, taking 3rd left JAILBREAK to SF for 6MOM.

6MOM: With PAX on our six, we did LBCs x11, Freddy Mercurys x 11, Slutters (slow flutters) x 10 and then took requests including but not limited to Heels to Heaven x 10 from Gutshot, Plank hold x 30 seconds from Youkilis and well, Domer & Quaker… fill in the blanks with a comment on your special request.

COT Announcements: Let’s keep being accountable with our F3 Brothers. EH those who we are missing! It’s colder, so let’s wear layers and brave the elements and post! It’d be embarrassing to learn someone we invited posted when we fartsacked! Also, consider checking out the Anderson AO, F3 Camelot, at the Civic Center, much potential but they still need help! Q opportunities are wide open for November, so step up and lead! Prayer & Praise Requests/Reports: learned of a co-worker’s friend with an infection; praise/prayer for Gluten’s mom for recent great beach experience she’s still talking about but tempered by recent knowledge gained from oncologist appointment that her cancer markers are up; also requests for our local churches that are seeking to remove financial barriers that limit effectiveness of ministry opportunities. BOM: YHC closed us out in prayer asking for God’s blessings and guidance to be with us as we continue our day. As always, it was an privilege to experience life together with my F3 Brothers here at The Powder Keg!

See you in the GLOOM!

@asGODimagines #3Ephesians20

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