Ring of Fire: The speed continues to emerge

  • Workout Date - 06/18/2014
  • Q In Charge - Mega Mu
  • The PAX - Padre, Dollywood, Aloha, Macho Man, Saddlesore, WiFi, 1D, Tesh, Flay, Mega Mu
  • AO -

10 PAX ignored the #internalmumblechatter telling them to stay in their low-humidity fartsacks and decided to show up and swim through the gloom together. Per usual, they would quickly be rethinking their decision (albeit only temporarily).

The Thang:
1 mile mosey warmup
4 x 1000m @ interval pace, 400m rest after each
3 x 400m @ repetition pace, 200m rest after each (audible to 2 due to time)
Mosey cool down as time allowed

Naked Moleskin:
-As Slim promised, this workout is paying obvious dividends. The PAX are getting noticeably stronger and faster with each week.
-Great to have 1D out there every week. If he is willing to show up and support the PAX (even though he can’t run), most of our excuses are probably just that, excuses

-Prayers for Erector as he starts chemo. If you didn’t know, you’d have no idea he has stage 3 cancer. With all he has dealt with, he has yet to lose his infectiously-positive outlook. Hopefully we can all learn something from him.
-Prayers for 1D’s continued recovery
-Prayers for 1D and Tebow as they travel to the Bahamas for their first mission trip
-CSAUP events coming up
-Slim is planning a trip on 7/12 to run both Mountain Goat Hard legs of the BRR, followed by an option to complete the #tripledown in Ashville at the Highland Brewery 4-mile (pre-blast)
-The Cottonmouth – 8-10 mile trek from Irmo, SC to the State House (pre-blast)

Until next time,

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