Ring of Fire Launch- Backblast

  • Workout Date - 03/25/2023
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12 early risers with a need for speed rolled out of bed and up to the Greenville High track 15 minutes earlier than usual for the launch of Ring of Fire- aka #SIB’s Upstate cousin. Little bit of mumble chatter about the earlier start and slight hint of nerves over what to expect, but into the gloom we went.


-1 mile mosey warm-up around the GHS track. Mega Mu and Pledge set the tone early with a mosey pace that some pax, YHC included, would be running each interval at.

-10 x 400m at Threshold pace, as calculated here: http://runsmartproject.com/calculator/ , with 1 minute rest between

-Competitive juices must have been flowing, or maybe everyone just needed to get away from Clowney’s crop dusting, but the pax asked for a jailbreak 11th interval. Tesh (sandbagger) went from cruising with YHC to suddenly looking like Michael Johnson circa 1996.

-Cool down of 3/4th mile.

-Circle up for core work and stretching led by Pledge, avoid several car backs, COT, BOM

The Moleskin:

– Awesome launch of a great F3 running workout. YHC was legitimately expecting maybe 3 other pax, and was greeted by 11. Kept the workout simple by design, but feel confident we can really build into more complex interval workouts. Really looked like the pax kept consistent paces on each interval, which is the goal.

– There is real speed in the Upstate. The long term goal is fielding top teams for BRR/Leatherneck/etc. YHC won’t be on those teams, but looks forward to coaching them up.

– Valuable lesson learned in using Voice Memo for name-o-rama- it will record every noise, but fortunately no smells, emitted during aforementioned name-o-rama.

– Talk of 3rdF potential launch downtown and additional sites added for Ring of Fire on Wednesdays as we grow.

– Good luck to all the Swamp Rabbit pax headed to the F3 Super Bowl this weekend. YHC has no doubt you will represent us well.


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