Ring around the Rosy

  • Workout Date - 11/01/2016
  • Q In Charge - Rusty
  • The PAX - Squeal, Beemer, Cocktail (visiting from Chapin)
  • AO -

My wife’s way of asking about my morning work out is : “Did you go to ring around the Rosy this morning?”  Obviously she has no idea of the blood sweat and tears we leave at our site to make ourselves into better men.  The grunts, cheers and pains that are shared to strengthen each other all before our households are out of bed in the morning.

Well, this morning when asked if I went to ‘Ring around the Rosy’ I replied, “Yes I Did – I did indeed.”


4 gentlemen appeared in the morning gloom and dark of the day.  After a brief SSH the Main Event was approached via mosey at the south side of the parking lot.


Today’s Theme- Ring Around the Rosy (Gower) .  Goal: Make 2 laps around Gower Park without doing any more mosey.

Lap 1 went like this: Forward Progress Imperial Walkers, Burpee Jump squats, Lateral Right, Burpee Jump Squats, Lateral Left.  Pull-ups  2 Sets.  Lunge Walk.  Big Boys into a Sprint x 3, Merkins into a Spring x 3 and Backward Run.

Lap 2: Forward Progress Squeal Billies, Merkin Crawl (see below), Later Right, Merkins Crawl, Lateral Left, Pullups x 2 Sets , Lunge Walk, Big Boys into Backward Run x 3, Merkins into a Sprint x 3, Bear Crawl to the Finish.

(Merkin Crawl = do a Merkin, while planked, walk your feet around 180 to the front to advance your body position, Do another merkin, then while planked, walk your hands around 180 to advance your position)

Assessment – 1.5miles of alternating stinkage with 5 minutes to spare –

Dealer’s choice abs to finish up.

Prayers for intentional work on our marriages, Beemer’s friend

A good time was had by all

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