Ride the Lightning

  • Workout Date - 09/06/2016
  • Q In Charge - Alfred
  • The PAX - Cockroach, Mr. Head, No Bars, Bartman, Erector, Clean Needle, Footloose, Wilson, Arnold, Biofreeze, Oui Oui, Grrr, Payday, Bob Barker, Kindergarten Cop, Drawstring, FNG - Todd Criswell - Uverse, Alfred
  • AO -

18 PAX w/ 1 FNG decided to come out for YHC’s return to the Q. YHC hadn’t Q’d in a while and rather than being creative, decided to recycle and old workout. We were graced with The Bartman and Arnold on this fine morning.

Warm Up

Smurf Jacks x 10 IC
Merkins x 10 IC

The Thang

Mosey down Jason and hang a left on Canon. Pit stop at the Park entrance for 20 dips and 20 derkins. Resume mosey to the corner of Poinsett and Main for 25 LBCs. Mosey down to some random intersection across from first Baptist to hold Al Gore and wait for the 6. Mosey over to the steps at First Baptist to introduce our FNG to our good friend Joe Hendrix. After Joe, we did some plank work before lining up for sprints across the First Baptist parking lot. Mosey again down to Pine St and hold Al Gore while we wait for the 6. Mosey over to Green St. for the Green Mile.

The Green Mile

1 Minute wall sit – 10 Merkins
1 Minute wall sit – 10 Merkins – 20 Squats
1 Minute wall sit – 10 Merkins – 20 Squats – 30 LBCs
1 Minute wall sit – 10 Merkins – 20 Squats – 30 LBCs – 40 Flutter kicks
Burn out wall sit. We had a lot of heroes today. It came down to the final 3, No Bars, Mr. Head, and Bob Barker. They never gave in and we had to get moving so no clear winner.

Mosey down the road until reaching the city stadium entrance. Partner up. Partner 1 does 5 burpees while partner 2 lunge walks up the hill towards the station. Partner 1 then runs to tag partner 2 and switch.

Line up for double apple sauce indian runs back to the station. Time’s up again. Clock management was an issue for YHC this morning.


Good to see all the Greer regulars and new guys becoming regulars. Cool to see Bartman and Arnold out in the gloom.

Prayers & Announcements

  • Pray Bob Barker’s wife recovering from surgery.
  • Pray for the Dowis Family
  • Pray for those running BRR this week.

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