Ricky Bobby, Cole Trickle & Herbie would all be proud….

  • Workout Date - 12/04/2014
  • Q In Charge - Lizard Lick
  • The PAX - Cockroach, Erector, Professor Plum, Wally, Lilo (FNG Ben Thornton), City Hall, Grr, Johnny 5, Stitch, Pooh Bear, BioFreeze, iTunes, Blue Hawaii, Penguin, Louganis, Perry Mason, Lizard Lick
  • AO -

17 Speed Racers 1 (FNG) gathered to a surprise race day beat down.

Conditions: Nice 55°

Warmup: 10 Smurfjacks
Arm Circles/Windmill Stretch

Gentleman Start Your Engines: it’s race day at #TheStation. The Pax counted off into two teams and began to race around the AO in opposite directions. There were five stations with an envelope containing each teams exercise and where to proceede when finished.

Station 1: (playground parking lot). 250 Burpees (cumulative) 25 SSH (in cadence), run around pond to the island gazebo.

Station 2: (gazebo) 800 Single Count Flutters, 400 LBC’s (cumulative), proceed to the park entrance.

Station 3: (park entrance) 300 dips, 200 Derkins (cumulative), Indian Run to the Oyster Bar and back to the Amphitheater.

Station 4: (amphitheater) 11’s, high knees at the bottom/squats at the top. (Crowd Pleaser) All of the Pax must finish before you complete 25 IW’s in cadence. Return to the start finish line for Station 5.

Station 5: From the middle of the circle, bear crawl to the sidewalk, crab walk back. First team with all of the Pax to complete is the winner.

Race Recap: Team 1 took an early lead, but they did not make the necessary “chassis adjustments” to finish those 11’s in time. As Team 1 started their final turn, Team 2 was on the final straight away and secured the win.

While Team 1 finished up Erector led the winners through a victory lap of Werkins.

Honestly I should have expected this group of men to make light work of this race, but YHC had more time than expected so we moseyed to the Playground for Step Ups and Pull Ups.

20 Double Count Step Ups
20 Pull-ups
Rinse and Repeat (serious mumble chatter from Blue Hawaii)

Back to the circle for Jack Webb, 1 Merkin/4 Air Presses up to 5/20 and back down.

Duck, Duck, Mary to finish it out. If memory serves correct, Billy Idols, X&O’s, In&Outs, Heels2Heaven, Erectors, LBC’s were called.

As always great work by all the men this morning. The “Race” was a great way to push ourselves and each other. Welcome (FNG) Lilo, Ben Thornton! Lilo is 14, and decided he wanted to tag along with his big Bro Stitch and Pop’s City Hall. 5:30 is early for all of us, but at 14 that’s commitment!
Please lift up the prayer request mentioned in the COT: Erectors health and new business, all of those mourning loss during the Holidays and Alfred and Footloose as they recover from injuries.

Greer Christmas Parade is Saturday at 2:30. Grrr will get with Alfred and get out more details today or tomorrow. Lets rally the troops and get a large showing.

Johnny 5 (he is 8), has signed up for the Battle Frog mud run, he is flying solo as of now and needs some teammates. See him for info.

Thanks to the guys from Spartanburg for making the trip. Look for details on a Star Command/The Station convergence coming soon.

As always, proud to be in the gloom with you gents,
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