Revival VQ & The Ol' Fashioned Beatdown

  • Workout Date - 06/15/2015
  • Q In Charge - Revival
  • The PAX - Mr. Bojangles, Billy Bob, Peachoid, PSI, Manhole, John Boy, Perry Mason, Beaker, Fix a Flat, Mab Mab, FNG Tyler (F3 Cavailier), Benchwarmer, Revival (Q)
  • AO -

Mab Mab writing for Revival.

13 PAX including 1 FNG came out to experience Revival’s VQ at Eye of the Tyger this morning. At the 5:30 mark Revival comes sprinting out of the center of the park to make his epic entrance. It begins.

The Conditions: 72 degrees, balmy and perfect

The Warm Up:
High Knees…slow…move into high knee jog
Swtich to butt kickers…
Arm Circles small to big, going forwards then backwards

The Main Thang:
Mosey towards the center of the park…
There’s the all to familiar hill.
A the bottom of the hill, 10 burpees, bear crawl to top, 1 smurf jack, crab walk back down, 9 burpees- Rinse and repeat until at 1 burpee and 10 smurf jacks.
(the mumblechatter was at a minimum…mostly because all the PAX were sucking wind!)

Plank-o-Rama when complete- called by Mr. Bojangles

Hop the fence…or go under to the center of the park.
DORA 1-2-3
100 Merkins, 200 Lunges Single Count, 300 LBCS
Partner up, and while one PAX starts on the above portion, the other PAX runs to tunnel and back and then the PAX switch off until all reps are complete.

Planks-o-rama when done…wait…make that 10 merkins…and then 20 Mountain Climbers. Pain.

Mosey back to meet Mary.
4 MOM:
15 Elbow Oblique Rockers
20 Merkins OYO
20 Heels to Heaven

Name-o-rama and welcome FNG Tyler (F3 Cavalier).

Prayers for Walker Phillips and Nail Pop and family. Healing for Walker.

Prayers for Squirts as he is traveling this week.

Prayers for all the PAX and their families.


Another great morning at Eye of the Tyger. Thanks to Perry Mason for coming out from The Station, and for Benchwarmer making the hike from F3 Hartsville. Always great to have these upstanding PAX in our presence.

A big T-Claps to Revival to stepping up and taking the Q this morning. That’s how it’s done folks. Step and follow his lead. You got this. Keep leading, keep EHing, this can be the catalyst for life change on more than one level. Plant, Serve, Grow.

See you in the gloom-

Mab Mab/Revival

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