Return Of The Hydra!

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  • Workout Date - 09/28/2015
  • Q In Charge - Data
  • The PAX - Data, Mud Puppy, Yoshi, Grit, Strikeout
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As I ran the shovel flag through downtown in the rain today, I was wondering if anyone would even show up for Matinee. Turned out we had 5 brothers who were not afraid to get wet and muddy!



Windmills x20

5 Burpees OYO

The Thang:

We ran down Furman College way to the bottom traffic circle for a modified Hydra. We had a .3 mile loop with a nice hill right at the beginning. The loop had 4 stations. Pax ran the loop, stopping at each station to do the required exercise. After each loop the Pax would plank while waiting for the 6. Here is how it went down:

Loop 1:  4 burpees at each station.

Loop 2:  8 Merkins at each station.

Loop 3: 16 Mountain Climbers at each station.

Loop 4: 32 squats at each station.

Loop 5: 16 Mountain Climbers at each station.

Loop 6:  8 Merkins at each station.

Loop 7:  4 burpees at each station.


After the Hydra the Pax were looking gassed from all the running, so I decided some Jack Webb would make a great active recovery. Jack Webbs up to 7 and then back down to 1. The only thing worse than the burning in our shoulders was the stench coming from the Reedy River.


After Jack Webb we ran back up to the main park area and did People’s Chair on the stone bridge for one minute.


Just enough time for Mary.

Flutters x20

LBCs x10



Continuing prayers for Yoshi’s family

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