Return of Footloose (again!)

  • Workout Date - 03/25/2016
  • Q In Charge - Footloose
  • The PAX - Slick Willy, Cockroach, iTunes, Erector, Natty, Wally, Shep, Highwayman, Iceman, Spring Break, Almond Joy, Footloose (YHC)
  • AO -

12 Rabbits joined YHC and decided to start the morning right and showed up to #TheStation for a full body #beatdown, courtesy of YHC.  This is the first week return for YHC to the #gloom due to IR & Physical Therapy (proper form is key to all we do!).  It was AWESOME to be back this week at #TheStation!

Here’s how it went down:

Circle up for warm-up…at which time YHC felt moved to remind the PAX that tomorrow (Friday) is Good Friday and how that name in itself doesn’t describe the #pain and #suffering Jesus endured on the cross, but more the Good News that He rose again three days later and went on to prepare a place for us to spend eternity!  Yes, it is a very Good Friday!

17 x SSH IC
17 x IW IC
Yoleven x merkins OYO…at which time YHC was reminded you cannot yell “YOLEVEN” on the last rep rather yell Halt…therefore, let’s do one more so we may correctly call out “YOLEVEN!”

Mosey through the park and around to the #paradeground for Spring Training:
6 light poles outline the sidewalk next to the grounds –
suicides to each light pole stopping for;
10xHRmerkins – back to start
10xHRmerkins, 20xsquats – back to start
10xHRmerkins, 20xsquats, 30xLBC’s – back to start
10xHRmerkins, 20xsquats, 30xLBC’s, 40xplank shoulder touch – back to start
10xHRmerkins, 20xsquats, 30xLBC’s, 40xplank shoulder touch, 50xair presses – back to start
10xHRmerkins, 20xsquats, 30xLBC’s, 40xplank shoulder touch, 50xair presses, 60xcalf raises – plank for the 6
Great work and strong push by all PAX #shouldersaresmoked

Next, mosey to roundabout for quick 25xdips OYO
Mosey to columns for three rounds of #peopleschair
Mosey over to amphitheater for one-legged romanian squats
then around to amphitheater right side steps – touch all steps twice throughout the entire amphitheater #legsaresmoked
next up, quick arm-linked squat train – link arms and walk backwards up hill then 10xsquats IC…listen for the count #downandhold
Lastly, #jailbreak to the start (YHC left #shoverlflag at home…won’t happen again)
BTW, who has #TheStation #shoverlflag?

Rosalita, back-scratchers, plank hold #forever
#mumblechatter was strong here as Iceman encouraged the PAX to hold longer #HIM

Continued prayers for Walker
#F3MudRun upcoming 4/30
HandsOnGreenville/F3Dad’s event 4/30 convergence at Gideon’s House
#BRR2016 teams are forming
YHC encouraged the PAX to pray for marriages in America, starting with your own -God has called you to be a #HIM and that must start in your home!

Always a pleasure leading the men through the #gloom!  You always make me better!



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