Remembering Waterbug

  • Workout Date - 03/12/2019
  • Q In Charge - Kindergarten Cop
  • The PAX - Almond Joy, Courtesy Flush, Play Doh, Moose Head (Cotters), Lavar Burton, Wilson, Perry Mason, Iceman, Zipline, Chubbs, Wax On
  • AO - The Station

No FNGs so we dove right in to the warm up.

Warm Up

20 x SSH IC

Arm Circles

20 x IW IC

The Thang

Mosey to the entrance of the park.  Getting ready to begin the first part of the workout and then a train comes by.  Everybody drop for 10 burpees.  After these burpees I informed the PAX  that we were going to be doing at least 45 burpees today anyway to pay respects to fallen brother Waterbug from Hartsville.  The PAX seemed to appreciate this but were not as excited when they heard the next announcement.

7’s at the park entrance with burpee box jumps and donkey kicks on the wall across the street.  Plank it up when you finish.

Moving down the promenade 2 burpees at each trash can and bear crawl in between until you reach the end.  This brought us to the grand total of 45 burpees.  All PAX breathed a sigh of relief THINKING that they were done with burpees.

Mosey to the top of the field.  Sprint the field and perform 20 Hallelujah Lunges OYO.  Plank until PAX finish.  Sprint the field again and perform 20 Hallelujah Squats.

Tunnel of Love.  Lots of complaining here about a variety of things.  YHC even got one “inadvertent” knee to the side as I crawled through.

Jack Webb up to 5 and 20 and then back down.

Mosey to the front of City Hall.  Partner up and take turns wheel barrowing the length of the building.

Mosey to the bottom of the hill beside City Hall.  Sprint up the hill and complete 20 merkins.  Mosey back down and plank it up.  Sprint up the hill again and complete 20 BBSU.  Mosey back down and plank it up.

Mosey to the picnic shelter.  20 Bench Press IC with a slow count lowering the bench.  10 Derkins OYO.

Mosey around the pond and back up beside the picnic shelter.  At this time I decided it was time to pay for the train that had come by a few minutes earlier that all PAX were evidently hoping that I had not heard.  5 burpees at the bottom of the hill.  Sprint the hill and complete 5 more burpees at circle.


Captain Thor up to 5 and 20 and back down.  Plank for about 45 seconds and we’re done.

It was a workout that had a lot of different things planned focusing on the shoulders.  I planned it as such because a newer PAX, who shall not be named, allegedly asked Saturday if we ever got sore.  Said PAX was not in attendance.  No matter strong work was done by all PAX in attendance.  Blue Hawaii also had notably asked the night before about pre-running which led us to believe he might be attending this morning but…. maybe next time.


Prayers for Play Doh’s mother-in-law who has Parkinsons and the family as it cares for her.  Prayers for Wax On’s family during a time of difficult transitions.  Prayers for Chubb’s brother-in-law as a tough situation wraps up.  Prayers for Perry’s coworker who has a granddaughter with a serious infection.

T-Claps to Play Doh for taking up the mantle as the new site Q at The Station.

Saturday’s workout is going on the road to Gideon’s House.  Start time there is at SIX instead of the normal seven for The Station.

Next Thursday the 21st is World Autism Day.  Lavar Burton and his family will be at a function in downtown Greer (Barista Ally I think), more details to come.  A possible wings competition was mentioned.

The Station also has a team participating in the P200 starting next Friday morning.





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