Remains of IRMA

  • Workout Date - 09/12/2017
  • Q In Charge - Satisfry
  • The PAX - Crash, Caviar, Double Windsor, Sherpa, Iceman, PETA, Clapper, Satisfry
  • AO - Main Thang

8 Ole’ Faithfuls got out early to survey the damage around town

Warm Up

Mosey to parking deck

SSC x 25

Hillbillies x 20


The Thang

Mosey to Poinsett garage

Partner Up – Dora 123

//Run Incline//

Jump Squats-100


Dbl Count Flutters-300

10 Count

Mosey Down ramps with pain stations

Balls To The Wall- Q’s Count

Lunges down incline

Air Chair- Q’s Count (ouch)

Bear Crawl


Time to get wet

Mosey to Main Street, on to E. Court St.

20 Dips OYO on Falls St.

Mosey back to PC, but keep going to Wyche Pav.

10 Burpees


LBC x 20 IC

Heels2Heaven x 20 IC



Nation raised over $115K for Give2Give

Gideon’s House Monday

Crash’s 65th Bday Q on Tues 9/19


Ice’s Father – Memorial Service

Those affected by Irma

Clapper’s new church – 1st service this week.

Satisfry, Out

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