• Workout Date - 08/14/2014
  • Q In Charge - Macho Man
  • The PAX - Murdock, Gymboree, Tannyhill, Captain Plug, Tesh, Superstar, Big V, Fertile, Retread, Thrive, Wi Fi, Macho Man
  • AO -

12 guys made it out of the fartsack to enjoy cooler temps and lower humidity for a little tire rolling party.


Warm up

SSH x 20

IW x 30

high knees x 20

take a lap around parking lot then head to the bus loop

The Thang

Someone left a BAT(big A tire) here….might as well roll it around a while

count off into teams of 4

team 1 roll BAT around bus loop

team 2 pass a merkin

team 3 sumo squat

same thing but different……

team 1 flip BAT around bus loop

team 2 pass a diamond merkin

team 3 LBC

same thing but different

team 1 flip BAT around bus loop

team 2 air humpers

team 3 walking lunge

mosey to the playground for a playdate, same teams new exercises

team 1 10 pull ups

team 2 20 dips

team 3 15 donkey kicks

repeat X3

mosey to the wall at the front of the school

11 Wall burpees


LBC x 30

flutters x 25

rosalitas x 20

dead cockroach x 15

????? x 10


continued prayers for Erector and Spicoli

prayers for Josiah and family

prayers for school starting back

pray for Thrive to mend broken relationships


That’s my account of what went down in the gloom some 12 hours earlier……..I had a great time as always……


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