Raw introductions to a Seal style beat down

  • Workout Date - 08/10/2016
  • Q In Charge - SEAL
  • The PAX - Gluten, Whittle, Flow Rider, Keystone, Tiny Dancer, Abacus, Brown Shorts, Fargo, Bongo, Al Borland, Clarinet , Tea Bag, Bogo, Bob Ross, Mr. Belding, Francis, and YHC
  • AO -

Our newest AO in Anderson county had yet been blessed by YHC until this fine morning when I decided that the best way to introduce myself to the local PAX was by Q’ing a nasty #smokefest. I now feel like the folks of Hurricane Alley will cherish meeting me. 17 of us endured some seemingly endless block and bleacher work.

Gloom observations: I have to text Flow Rider at 0500 because I don’t know if we are meeting at the stadium or the High school (Pin on app has it at the school). If I had posted here earlier, I would know that. Never the less, get that fixed Mr.Site Q. My man Whittle is the first F3 PAX there. I love this guy! That’s who I want to be at 70 years old. Lots of other activity in the stadium though. A few solo workouts dudes (EH inbound) and a bootcamp with about 7 females. #inspiration. F3 guys keep pouring in. Wait, a couple of these Hurricane Alley guys look kinda familiar (turns out they are faculty at Wren High where all my boys attend). And then some more Powderkeg regulars. 

The workout:

The usual Seal pre-game routine at hand. Some SSH, MC, about 50 mericans #mumblechatter level rising (Brown Short’s slight protest), warm-up lap around the track. A few others. #foggymemory #cobains


44 guns – count off by twos. 1’s are sent to my truck to get one 8″ block each. 2’s complete a round of 7’s (mericans and squats). PAX return with blocks. Then we all go get a 4″ block from behind the head (the men’s latrine for you civilians). Circle up. 11 bottom half curls, 11 top half curls, 11 full range curls, 11 tricep extensions. 1’s use the 8″ block, 2′ s use a 4″ block. Round 1 complete. Rotate 1’s and 2’s (big blocks for little blocks, vice versa). Rinse and repeat. X2  #Jellyarms


Let’s not forget the legs. Bleacher work. Line up at base of each section access. Broad jump (Bunny hop) all the way up. Lunge walk back down. Rinse and repeat.

Let’s take another lap. At the 200 meter mark call out a #JailBreak . BOGO takes top honors here. Flow Rider loves to give me a run for my money. We squarely tied the way I remember it. Some other dudes came next. But as Ricky Bobby put it “If you ain’t first, you’re last”. So no point mentioning a bunch of losers.

We still have a few minutes. Let’s finish off with one more double set of big block/little block 44 guns. #ArmsAreSmoked.


Midnight Flight – 8/26/16  @2000 hrs  (1 mile, 5k, 10k)

GOAT – Great Outdoor Adventure Trips – fundraiser at Brew85 “Beer and Gear” 8/18/16  @1830 hrs

Prayers for Tea Bags sister, Coach Campbell grandson, Swift broken foot, YHC and family.

Until next time

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