Raining Gloom Under The Bleachers

  • Workout Date - 02/22/2017
  • Q In Charge - Fargo
  • The PAX - Bogo, 12th Man, Flow Rider, Fender Bender, Clarinet, Bob Borland, Whittle, Beany Weeny, Frances, Abacus, Fargo
  • AO -

For the first 5:15 Wednesday, 11 PAX were treated to a morning of 100% precipitation. But all was well under the Hurricane Alley home bleachers for the entire event.

Warm up
Imperial walkers
Mountain Climbers
SSH (X50 dbl count)

The Thang
Two stations were identified, one for each end of the walkway. At the near side station, 11s were assigned including Pull-ups and Bob Hurleys. The opposite end was for 11s of squats and push-ups. We were to go between stations via crab walk in one direction and lunge walk in the other. R&R until we had enough. Next was a run in place for about 5 minutes, this turned into a run in circles. Then some time for Mary.


Picknic in April


Clemson faculty member

Job for Grizzly & Jack

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