Rain Rain GO AWAY

  • Workout Date - 02/27/2019
  • Q In Charge - Lt. Dangle
  • The PAX - Soccer Mom, Hot for Teacher, Turben, No Show, Cocoon, Cockpit
  • AO - Tower of Terror

7 PAX braved the gauntlet now known as Simpsonville PD to make it to TOT this morning. Almost doubled our numbers from last week! Quite a few meteorologist showed up this morning and voiced an opinion about the weather to come. Jim Cantore was no where to be found so we got after it! When the rain did start it felt much like Caddyshack when I heard “I don’t think the heavy stuff gonna come down for awhile”. Luckily today was a fine blend of California sinsemilla and Kentucky blue grass. Good thing is you can work out in the morning and get stoned to the ba-jesus at night. Who needs CBD when you have that?

Mission Statement: Nailed it!

Disclaimer: Not a professional nor did we read at the library!

Warm Up: SSH x 25, Imperial walkers x20, arm circles

NACHO CHESTO: 10 (R) hand on the curb, 10 derkins, 10 (L) hand on the curb, 10 incline Merican’s, 10 diamond

1/1024th run…. two intersections then left. More curbs so we finish NACHO CHESTO! 1/1024th run to grab some blocks and head to the church.

Thang: 7 men, 7 exercises…. ¬†Tabata style with a hair burner timer

1: Squats

2: Monkey Humpers

3: Calf Raises

4: Curls

5: Tri-ceps

6: Derkins

7: Tabata Timer.. HAIR BURNER across the parking lot and back. ROTATE when done. Oops after 2 it started pouring. Off to the cover and the HAIR BURNER was replaced with 10 MAN MAKERS (much grumbling)!

Mary: 15/15 Oblique V-UP, 20 crunches (thanks Squid), bicycles for 25 seconds then reverse, 25 Flutter, 15 OYO Hot4Teacher lounge oblique suck things!


Announcements: blah, blah, blah

Prayers: HFT’s father in law, Soccer Mom’s better half having surgery 3/11, No Shows wife traveling abroad and adoption, Whispers family!

Oh yeah….. that name-orama thang? Dangles D stands for dimentia!! ¬†Thought I was gonna say Deez didn’t ya!


Pleasure to lead! SYITG

Lt. Dangle

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