Rabbitts Everywhere…AUDIBLE…Put them in the cage!

  • Workout Date - 10/04/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

21 Frozen Rabbitts planted er/uh propped up two shovel flags and got work for Snowdens Audible Merkin Mary Q…..

Warm Up

SSH x 10

Picking up Grass x 5

The Thang

Pair up and 10 Pain Stations were spread across the Tennis Courts, Basketball Court and playground.


Squat Jumps x20

Woodchops x10ea side with 15lb dumbells

Shoulder Raises x30 with 10lb dumbells/PVC pipes filled with sand

Lunges x10ea leg

Bentover Back Flys x20 w/ Brick in each hand

Calf Raises x20

Battle Ropes x20

Pull Ups x10 & Kettlebell Swings X10

Bench Dips x20

Chaos quickly followed as Snowden expected about 12 PAX and 21 showed up.  Most got through 1 round of these, but we had to Audible and headed to the baseball field for the Merkin Mary.  #baseballfieldisSnowdensbackupalways

Merkin Mary: #coiningownphrase

15 Merkins behind homeplate sprint to right field fence and do 20 LBCs, Sprint back to homeplate.  Plank and wait for rest

15 Werkins behind homeplate sprint to center field fence and do 20 Russian Twists, Sprint back to homeplate. Plank and wait for rest

15 Diamond Merkins behind homeplate sprint to left field fence and do 20 Leg Throws, Sprint back to homeplate. Squat and hold, arms in air, wait for rest   #flaysfavorite

Rinse Repeat 3x

Mosey back to Tennis Courts: Alternate lunges and frog jumps across 5 tennis courts then do 1 minute of calf jumps.  #moaningwaspickinguphere


Flutters x15 #someonesaidthatsall

Flutters x 10 #whatyagetforasking

Windshield Wipers x6ea side

Backscratchers x20

1min of stretching

Naked Moleskin:

-Pain station workout I believe would be a great MOAB workout as 21 was just to hectic.  Really appreciate the PAX bearing with me as I audibled!  #liveandlearn

-Holla going out to Hootie, Danica, Bartman and E.C. for joining us at Gower…

-Welcome back Hugenuts, haven’t seen you in a while #kotters


-Lifting up Sempers close friend and step daughter of Flay/Snowdens boss who joined our Lord this past week.  Long struggle with cancer.


See ya in the gloom…….



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