Rabbits on Broadway

  • Workout Date - 10/05/2022
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

14 Wabbits planted the SF and auditioned (in the rain) for Broadway. Of course we’d settle for a bit part at the Peace Center.


The Thang

SSH x30
IW x25
MC x20
1 leg burpees x5 each led #earlycrowdpleaser

Mosey to the short wall by the shelter
Bulgarian split squat w/ jump x10 each leg
Single leg bridge, prone leg does 10 extensions, flapjack for other leg #chorusline
Forward lunge w/ kickback x10 each leg
One legged peoples chair w/ knee raise x10 each leg

Mosey towards Woodruff Rd for
Indian Run
Split into 2 groups and start the run with walking lunges then std mosey – alternating between the 2 until we get to the parking lot at the end of the street for
Push O Rama
Merkin Jacks x10
Merkins w/ 3 sec hold x10
Werkins x10
Diamonds x10

Mosey back up to the street for
Partner carry #SizeMatters
flapjack every 30 yds

Mosey back to the middle of the park for
Plank U Very Much
Plank shoulder touches x10 (IC)
CCV X10 (IC) each side
Plank walkout with merkin x10
Low plank hold – 45 secs

Mosey down to the pond and partner up for
Dips and Surfer Squats
Partner 1 does as many sets (10 dips and 10 surfer squats) as possible while partner 2 runs out and back, flapjack and repeato

Mosey up the hill for
Light Pole Shuffle
30yd side shuffle between light poles (out and back) with 5 burpees at the end, repeato

Mosey back to the SF for
6MOM (Alterboy on Q)
Flutter x50
Freddie Mercury x30
Rosalita x25


Naked Moleskin
– Alterboy from Columbia joined us. He made a lot of friends with the #neverending flutters. His cadence hipnotized the PAX #metronomelike
– TBC broke out a chorus line type cadence during the lower body COP.
– YHC smoked himself once again. Hope the rest of the PAX got as much out of that one as I did. #mumblechatterless
– Flay shared the good news on his wife’s ultrasound. No problems detected with the baby
– We continue to lift up Spicoli while he battles his health issues. #F3nationcares

– F3 SwampRabbit Hangar Party – Aug 17th. Details still being finalized. PAX from all regions are welcome. #savethedate
– Continue to EH guys. We need them and they need F3.
– One Direction has the Q for Tues, 7.30.13
– Mystery Q for Thurs, 8.1.13. You don’t want to miss it!!

Until we meet again in the gloom…….


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