Rabbit, Run

  • Workout Date - 03/09/2013
  • Q In Charge - OBT, Dredd
  • The PAX - Wifi, Petrino, G Heart, Debit, Slimfast, One Direction, Flesh Peddler, Nippler, Third Tier Lien, Iceman, Baby Nate, Spurrier, Latka, Free Stride, Jordache, Barbara, Dredd, OBT
  • AO -

Aye, Dredd and OBT arrived from Charlotte at Legacy Park just in time for the groundskeeper to pull up the “Stay off the grass” signs, clearing the way for a full and complete beatdown.

OBT leading:
_ Warmup jog
_ COP: Side-Straddle Hops, Merkins, Plank Rotation, Squats, Mountain Climbers
_ Run to mini-pond: circuit of pond, including: walking lunges, sprint, bear crawl, backward sprint, forward sprint
_ Jacob’s Ladder to 7 on stairs overlooking mini-pond (lost one pax to Merlot spillage during this segment)
_ Jog to rock wall near starting location for Sabans to 11, featuring dips and merkins

Handoff to Dredd

Dredd leading:
_ Opened with Ball of Man and a prayer
_ Jog away from park to open field for 6 Minutes of Mary: Flutters; Dollies; High Flutter; Rosalita; Knee-Ups; Superman; Little Baby Crunches.
_ Indian run down rest of Rocky Slope Road to intersection with Woodruff; set up in parking lot behind business at the corner for Push-o-Rama: Merkins; Larry Craigs; Diamonds; Stagger R; Stagger L; Partner Declines (flapjack); Partner Super-Plank (flapjack)
_ Indian run back to park, pausing for partner piggyback carries


Spreadsheets from the Gloom:

_ T-claps to the leadership of Tiger Rag in planting Greenville and to the team of Spurrier, Nippler, One Direction and Iceman, who are ably carrying the flag forward. We had a great time visiting and are excited about F3’s arrival in Greenville.

_ Dredd caught the pax off-guard by throwing some Greenville trivia their way during the Push-o-Rama, including a reference to his beloved Traveler’s Rest (whose HS mascot, we learned, is the Devil Dogs).

_ T-claps to FNGs Third Tier Lien, Flesh Peddler and Baby Nate.  Hope to see you guys back out there.

_ We were also pleased to learn there will be a SwampRabbit contingent at the Spartan Sprint in a couple of weeks.  Run, Rabbits, Run!

_ The coffeeteria was no Lizard’s Thicket, but still remarkable — a real, no-BS Jewish deli in upstate South Carolina, with chewy, non-bready bagels, kosher pastries, even a picture of a dog in a yarmulke and a prayer shawl on the wall.  My claim on Twitter that the bagels were the real deal has inspired skepticism from some of the Northeast Corridor snobs in the CLTMetro pax, but I will stand behind it and urge them to come down for a SwampRabbit workout and check it out for themselves.




2 thoughts on “Rabbit, Run”

  1. As a bona fide Devildog, I couldn’t be happier with the trivia question. A few weeks back when I came down, we had three Devildogs in the flesh — myself, Longbottom, and Shelly (not the poet. the girl). Those two will be particularly upset that they missed this one.

    Speaking of Longbottom, this is the excuse he provided for fartsacking: “We have a dance recital today and I was threatened by my instructor not to anything that could cause injury or fatigue.”

    Please use that comment as you will. He’ll be back next week.


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