• Workout Date - 03/27/2023
  • Q In Charge - Handy Manny
  • The PAX - Iceman, Malpractice, Punkin PSice, Posh, Earth Mover, Slim, Erector, Alfred, Latka, Debit, Epee', Dollywood, Urkel, Highlights, Houdini, FNG Graceland, Libor, Sandiago, Holla, Golden Sombrero, Longbottom, Hootie, Bubba Gump, Maverick, Stewie, Pedialyte, Mrs.doubtfire , Bill Nye, Grim Reaper, 10-40, Twerkin, Winslow, Handy Manny
  • AO -

33 Men (including one FNG) planted the shovel flag at the Peace Center. There was more than one confused Face as guys were asking who had the Q.
Since he was nowhere to be found, I stepped in to get things started.

(Iceman posting for Handy Manny)

The Thang:

SSH x30
IW x25
One legged burpees x5 each leg OYO
MC x20
The scheduled Q, Handy Manny, showed up (on 2 wheels) somewhere between OLB’s and MC’s. So YHC handed the workout over to him…..
Merican pyramid w/ 10 MC’s, up to 4

Mosey to Liberty Bridge at Falls Park. Last week the bridge was closed so the early #mumblechatter was whether it was open to the public yet

Liberty Bridge was open so we did Dora’s 1,2,3
partner up – p1 does exercise, p2 runs Liberty Bridge, flapjack until all reps are complete
100 dips
200 diamond mericans #crowdpleaser
300 flutters (dbl count)

Fast mosey down the river to the Bridge over the River Reedy.
P1 does 10 burpees
P2 does supine pullups until P1 done with burpees, flapjack and repeato #crowdpleaser

Mosey up the steps to Main St, then #jailbreak back to the flags for 6MOM
Russian Triples x20 oyo
LBC’s x20 oyo
Heels to Heaven x20 oyo


Naked Moleskin:
– Handy’s workouts are always challenging and usually involve some type of partner/fireman carry. I think him being late and the large number of PAX caused him to audible #thankful
– Nonetheless – diamond mericans and the supine pull up/burpee combo were plenty tough
– Although a bit tardy, HM handled the large group well. #problematicworkout #timetosplit
– Tclaps to Slim who posted on 5hrs rest and jetlagged from his trip to Costa Rica.
– It was decided on Twitter (yes legally binding) that Spongebob owes 25 burpees at his next posting for encouraging Slim to post, only to #fartsack instead #fail #takeitlikeaman

– F3 Olympics on 5/31 – 2pm until at The Irish Pub (families welcome). RSVP to Twerkin
– Expansion is happening – The Main Thang will split soon, New AO’s in Powdersville and Greer and a new workout in the downtown GVL area. Details forthcoming
– Erector thanked everyone for their prayers since he was laid off. Said that he’s got several promising leads and has strong faith that it will work out for the best.

See ya in the gloom……


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