Q Skool

  • Workout Date - 10/07/2022
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Grim Reaper, PETA, Bill Nye, Stewie, Cutina, Crash (WD - dbl respect), Caviar, Billy Jean (F3 Hickory), FNG Alec (GString), Elsa, The Count, Houdini, Dunphy, Iceman
  • AO -

14 men (incl 1 FNG) posted at #MainThang among the smokey haze and super moon for a crash course on Q School.

@Caviar and @PETA have taken the reigns at #MainThang and asked me to conduct a Q School to support the continued growth of this AO. We had an FNG, out-of-towner and a guy on his second post for this Q school #partridgeinapeartree

The Thang

SSH x20
Merkins x10

@Dunphy joins us on #Dunphytime #5minuteslate

Mosey to the parking deck behind the Westin Poinsett

Plank it up while I cover the F3 Mission Statement:

“To plant, grow and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership”. At it’s core, F3 is about Leadership. At home, work, church and the community.

Circle up so I can share the proper way to introduce an exercise and counting in cadence.

“The Next Exercise is…..Starting position (not ready position)….Move….In Cadence….Exercise….” Count….Inflexion of Voice during Count on Last Reps….Halt from Pax….Recover
_Recover is used to break an exercise or position. If you don’t want the pax to stand up after doing LBC, don’t call out recover. Just call the next exercise.
_Watch pace of count, typically done too fast (slow and steady)
_Make the count match the movement
_Example: Shoulder Touch mericans (1 on the down, 2 on the up, and 3 touch the shoulder, Pax calls # and you are in starting position to go down again)
Some exercise are not conducive to counting in cadence. Example: burpees. Yes, it’s possible, but rarely done correctly.

Here’s a video of @Dredd counting in cadence….

How to Count

Next, guys jump in the middle of the circle to practice the 3 paired commands and counting in cadence. After 2 or 3 have gone, we mosey up the ramp and do it again until everyone had a turn (or two). Then mosey down the steps and back to the PC. About 20 mins in, @TheCount joined us.

Along the way, I share the responsibilities of the Q:

_Develop a workout that will be full body; don’t concentrate just on one muscle group – PAX form will suffer
_Focus on correct form, don’t be afraid to correct others; give alternate exercises if PAX suffering
_If you can’t do it, don’t Q it! Lead from the front.
_Set the right example for the PAX – Leaders are Confident, Competent, Courageous, and Committed (4 C’s of Leadership)
_Cadence matters!
_Cover your 6: No man left behind!
_Tweet out PAX and Backblast ASAP; Important to get all PAX names, and Naked Man Moleskin-be observant to what’s happening/ being said during workout
_Stress the need to be on Twitter to get the most up to date info and follow @f3swamprabbit
_Collect Email address of FNG; Begin Nickname process w/ whoever EH’d him; Follow-up emails to check status of FNG
_Workout Leadership development: let newer guys lead just COP, MARY, CoT to introduce them to leading.
_Grooming Q’s for future workouts
_Flexibility- need to be able to show PAX how to do an exercise right
_Start on time/ End on time- if workout starts at 0530, ends at 0615 then do Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, announcements (good time to talk about upcoming F3 events, and CoT (within the next 5 min to get folks out by 0620)
_Develop PAX: relationships, Brotherhood, Accountability
_CoT: ask questions, dig deeper, it’s more than just a workout = 2ndF

We also talked a little about the origins of F3:
“Broke off from Campos (Freedom Park group in Charlotte NC) who wanted to stay a small group and not expand. OBT/ Dredd with permission broke off to share with others because they discovered that men in their “3rd phase” of life needed this the most. They used the Starfish/Spider book to help establish an internal structure, and mobilize men to strengthen themselves in the community, fitness, and faith.”


Naked Moleskin
– The SwampRabbit #Qschool has evolved and is one where you get a decent workout while learning what it takes to Q a workout properly
– Always good to have visitors. @BillyJean from F3Hickory jumped right in and counted in cadence #likeapro
– Welcome to FNG Alec – nka @GString. Former Marine JAG now working in GVL

– Thanksgiving Convergence – 0700 at Legacy. @Flay has the Q
– Deuceable is 12/16 – launch 0500 from Cleveland Park. This is a 10k race with 6 “effort stations”

– Prayers for @Spicoli who lost his battle with cancer today. We will pass along info on his service and how we can support the family as soon as we have info to share.
– Prayers for those families impacted by the forest fires

See ya in the gloom…..


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