Q School is in session!

  • Workout Date - 07/22/2014
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob & Latka
  • The PAX - Libor, Iceman, Inspector Gadget, Brown Shorts, Punch-out, Johnny 5, Satisfry, Rex Kwando, Ester, 1040, Footloose, Penguin (Spartanburg), Hatrick (Spartanburg), Wingnut, Montross, AV (Spartanburg), Nature Boy, BAMBAM, Zorro, Grilled Cheese on a Doughnut, Aloha
  • AO -

23 men ready to step up and lead made it out for the Main Thang’s Q School this AM to learn some history about F3, practice some counts, and understand the importance of being a Q.  Good to see the guys making the trip from Spartanburg too!!!

Spongebob posting on behald of myself and Latka.

Mosey down to the abandoned mill behind the PC.

1)  F3 history and mission statement:  We discussed F3’s start in Charlotte, the start of Swamp Rabbit, and the importance of the mission.
2)  Importance of the process and keeping it uniform:  When you are Q, you are the boss.  It is incredibly important to keep the process uniform to represent F3 Swamp Rabbit, F3 South Carolina, and F3 Nation well.  Think about an FNG…they are showing up having trust that the experience they are going to have is going to make it worth ditching the gym, waking up terribly early in the morning, and even working out when it’s 15 degrees outside.  It also helps when going from AO to AO.  If all workouts had a different way of doing business, then could we all consider ourselves a part of the same whole?  The beauty in the way the workouts are run rings loudly when you visit another city or state and can jump in without hesitation.

3)  Counting:  First/Next exercise is….Starting position move…Count call out…Exercise!
After a Warm-up together as a PAX, we split into 3 groups (thanks to Ice for helping grab a group).  In each group, we circled up and each member took turns leading a count for an exercise and getting feedback.  HALT!  Recover!

4)  6MOM:  Mosey back up to the PC where we had a quick Mary session with guys taking a shot at leading more exercises to finish up.

5)  Final thoughts:
– Make sure to plan out your workout ahead of time.  Plan for things to go wrong (weather, too many people, too little people, construction, etc.)
– It’s OK if you don’t know all the names.  Don’t let that be the reason you don’t Q.  Call it out like it is and we’ll help you out from there.
– Leave NO man behind.  It’s easy when you are Q’ing to take off and make sure you lead the pack.  However, never forget the guys in the back.  We were all there at one point and someone encouraged us to keep pushing.  That’s why we stayed.

– Prayers for Walker and family.  He was moved up to Memphis and is still having seizures that can’t be explained right now
– Prayers for young boy named Austin who was diagnosed with Cancer
– Greer launch is 8/9
– Performance Therapy free run training/consulting on 8/4.  Go to their website for more information.  Get the chance to work with a running coach that trains College and Pro Runners

This Q School happened to fall on the day before my 1 year anniversary with F3.  Leading the guys today that are hungry to step up and lead workouts was incredibly humbling just as the past 364 days have been.  Before F3, I was terrible at getting up in the morning and workout out.  Last night, I couldn’t sleep because of how excited I was to help lead the school.  I’ve not only gotten into better shape, but I’ve also met some really incredible people, and also become much stronger spiritually.  For that, I have to thank all of you who have shown up to the workouts and pushed me to strive forward.  I also thank you for your amazing leadership and time that you have put into F3 to make it continue to thrive.

The growth we’ve seen in Greenville and Spartanburg is only the tip of the iceberg and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store.  For those of you that were present today, I expect some tough a$$ workouts ahead and can’t wait to get smoked in the gloom with you!



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  1. Sponge Bob, Latka and Iceman did an OUTSTANDING job. There was a lot of emphasis on doing the commands the RIGHT way and leaving no one behind. Good to see a large class too.

    Congrats to Sponge Bob on his anniversary. You are an outstanding representative of F3.

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