Q School and Backblast Accountability

  • Workout Date - 12/15/2015
  • Q In Charge - Iceman, Spongebob, 00
  • The PAX - Stewie, Handy Manny, Taylor Swift, EarthMover, Spongebob, Dollywood, 501, Mark Mulfinger FNG (Kinkaid), Soul Plane, Punch Out, Domer Simpson, PETA, Caviar, Double Aught, Iceman, Winslow, Inspector Gadget, Soup, Double Windsor, Tiny Dancer, Caliendo, Brown Shorts, Slapchop
  • AO -

Twenty-three men endured various levels of pedagogy from non-professional instructors.

Let’s be honest. It’s easy to get sloppy, and it’s hard to give 100% effort. Q school is a chance to get the PAX back together and either refresh what you knew or learn what to do in running a workout. However, the workout does not lend itself to a chalkboard and easel. We are all active learners. Especially those kids who are teenagers and posted today. Teenagers. Let that sink in. A teenager gets up and posts at a 0515 workout. I did not have that discipline a generation ago.

1 FNG raises his hand. He is admonished and appropriately disclaimed.


Prisoner Squats in a silent cadence. YHC talks throughout. We go through the mission of F3. Trying to catch Sponge and Ice off-guard, YHC asks them to repeat the mission statement. They passed. The three Fs are discussed.

Merkins. Silent Cadence. YHC talks some more, this time about the five core principles of F3. We are basically reciting what you can find here. There was already some mumblechatter about the merkins.

The Thang
Countoff – one group with Sponge, one with Ice, one with YHC. I have no idea what went on in these other groups. Hopefully those guys learned something. My group ran down to the liberty bridge. Got in a circle, and we all took turns calling out exercises and practicing cadence. Q-etiquette was re-inforced (sweeping, if you can’t do it, don’t Q it). Cadence counts, OYO counts, partner exercises. We did merkins, squats, Peter Parkers, flutters, dips, etc. Go to the bottom of the bridge for some pullups/LBCs. Then I treated the group to the slow 24 count merkin.

Run back to the Peace Center to find that Ice and Sponge are still around and ostensibly training the guys up. We did some Mary.

Q School at the Station on Thursday.

Deuceable on Friday. As Domer reminded everyone, this is not a slow jog. You will be running as fast as you can. 0500 at Cleveland Park on Friday. As always, Deuce before you Cruce.

It was a pleasure being with you guys this morning. #IronSharpensIron.

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