Q on the fly

  • Workout Date - 02/19/2015
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - Seal, Youkilis, Gluten(WD), Keystone, Swift(WB), Brown Shorts
  • AO -

With the low temps comes low attendance. 6 brave (or stupid as the M says) came out to PowderKeg to write their war story. While the temps were in the teens, the wind chill felt like 0°. Domer was under the weather so YHC threw something together on the fly. Enjoy!

Warm up

SSH-25 IC, IW-25 IC, MC-25 IC

Take a lap around the church to get the heart rate up and stretch the legs.


 Lunge walk downhill to corner, 15 Merkins:1 squat, run to middle of the lot at the stairs, 14 Merkins:2 squats, bearcrawl to stairs and Joe Hendrix up, 13 M:3 S, run to corner, 12:4, regroup til everyone finishes. Continue for three more circuits to 1:15. On the final corner we do 16 Merkins and 16 squats.

Quick mosey down two levels to the flats under the lights.

Johnny Cash/ Ring of Fire

Circle up on your 6. PAX hold 6 inches while one man does 20 flutters then the next man in the circle. Abs burning! Repeat two more rounds with 15 squats while holding down position and 10 Merkins while holding plank.

Lap around the back of the church into the wind where the chill was painful. Can’t feel my fingers. Circle up at the shovel flag for Mary.


LBC-25 IC, Reverse LBC-25 IC, Dying cockroach-25 IC, 6 inches for 30 secs into Dollies-20 IC.

It is now that we notice “the plane, the plane!” 10 burpee PowderKeg penalty.

Rosalita-20 IC, 30 plank dips OYO. Smoked!!! Still can’t feel my fingers.

Great work by the PAX that were brave enough to post. You had to be there to tell the tale.

P and A

Make sure to sign up for new email messenger or you will get left out. Q school rescheduled for 2/24 at Main Thing. Mud Run still taking sign ups. Shamrock 5K only $10 after F3 discount.

Prayers for all our brothers under the weather or healing from injuries. Prayers for all our F3 brothers and their families.

Continue to EH any man you think may benefit from this. Share what it has done for you. Warmer weather is coming and should make EHing easier.

See you in the GLOOM!!!


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