Q-estionable Preparedness (we're NOT professionals)

  • Workout Date - 07/27/2015
  • Q In Charge - Floppy
  • The PAX - Swiss Miss, Banjo, Sprout, TheHardHat, Noonan, Uber, LongBottom, Annie Oakley, SlumLord, Grit, SugarBeech
  • AO -

There are few things in life that never disappoint.  An F3 workout is one of them.  Some mornings it’s tough to see how a WO will do more good than another hour of sleep, and for the 250 crew, it probably won’t.  But each morning YHC resists that urge to stay in bed he is grateful to be in a COT seemingly minutes later.

Today, YHC expected to be led through a double-dora or block-o-rama or weird-o-rama-double-dora from one of our site locals (Longbottom, HardHat, Uber) but was pleasantly surprised to discover it was his anniversary Q.  It’s perfectly just that Q’ing gives a sudden surge of energy!


  • Couple of jokes
  • Static stretching (I ran to the AO, sorry to those that just rolled out of bed)
  • Hand release bear crawl
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Russian Twists
  • SlowMoMerkins (32 count)


String it together into a race out and back in the parking lot:

  • Hand release bear-crawl at every line out
  • 5 squats at every line back
  • Lunge out
  • Crab walk Russian twists back
  • Finish with 50 merkins, congratulations TheHardHat for a solid 1st place

Get some bricks blocks, head to the baseball field.

  • Man makers to the other side of the field (maybe 50?)

Again, HardHat smoked the rest of the PAX. Those Muggy Beach workouts must be effective.

  • Ant-crawl back with your brick block, I think Noonan took this one with a clever (and immediately duplicated) interpretation of an ant.

Partner up for a Dora 123, Farmers Carry

  • 100 merkins
  • 200 box-cutters
  • 300 calf-raises (what can I say, time was short)

No surprise at this point, HardHat and Noonan? finished 1st.


Time is already up so let’s put these BLOCKS away and circle up.  One praise regarding our over-achiever, Sugar Beech, and his successful career move.  To that let’s add Uber’s upcoming trip to Alaska where he hopes to minister to some broken men.  May he’ll lead an F3 workout while he’s there!

YHC loved the hard efforts from EVERYONE, but special callouts got to Uber, Grit, Noonan, Annie Oakley, Banjo, SlumLord; each of you truly pushing this morning; not bad for 6 AM!  HardHat, you’re just too strong!


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