Q Audit

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  • Workout Date - 12/29/2015
  • Q In Charge - Grrr
  • The PAX - Slick Willy, Ricky Bobby, ITunes, Blue Hawaii, NSA, Iceman, Perry Mason, & Grrr
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YHC wanted to get one more Q in before 2015 was up. I worked a deal with Perry Mason to secure the Q at the Station Tuesday morning. There was a 50% chance of rain and knowing the Greer PAX I chose to take to the Twitter to call all the regulars out. Full disclosure: NSA & Alfred melt in the rain.

Tuesday morning at the Station and I can’t be any more pumped. Felt like I had a good Q planned rain or shine. God was looking out for the Greer PAX because it was 57 degrees with a slight breeze and no rain in the forecast for at least an hour. PAX slowly starting showing up and the mumblechatter commenced with a NSA sighting. Still no Alfred. All the sudden we see a vehicle pull in that matches the description of the one and only Iceman. YHC is excited to think Ice has come all the way from the 50 to the 51 to enjoy a Grrr Q. Blue tells me otherwise and says “he’s here to audit your Q.” I casted aside Blue’s bulljive until I see the red pen that Ice has in his hand. Oh well, I hope this Site Q did not fail his yearly audit. Let’s Get It!


Warm Up
IW X 15 IC
Butt Kickers
Train- 10 Burpees

Partner Up- Dora Time (1 partner runs the loop while other performs exercise)
100 X Squats
200 X Dips
300 X Flutters DC
Plank-O-Rama while waiting on PAX to finish

Mosey to Hill and YHC hears Blue say “that was a nice warm up, when is the workout starting?” 🙂
Duck Walk up the hill (one of Grrr’s personal faves)#mumblechatter
Line Up for Indian Run. Ran 2-3 blocks
Catch Our Breath with People’s Chair(Ice loved the PC Air Presses)

Triple Nickel Time
5 Derkins
Run 100 plus yards (Blue doesn’t understand simple instructions like “last lightpost on the right”)
5 Elbow Plank Jacks
Run Back
5 Rounds

Lt. Dan up to 4 Squats & 16 Lunges(NSA is excited to say the least)

Back to shelter to end the day on high note and silence what is Blue Hawaii(Watch out Footloose, he’s coming for yah)
It’s 2015 so what better way than end with Super 21’s, I mean Super 15’s
1 Merkin & 1 Big Boy
2 Mekrins & 2 Big Boys…. All the way to 15 (at 5 & 10 count we stop to for 5 box jumps)#Smoked
Train- 10 Burpees

MOM-Dealer Choice
Freddy Mercury
Tony Hortons(Blue and his Yoga, GEEZ)
6 Inches
Plank Dips

Prayers for Slick Willy’s sister-in-law and healing foot
Prayers for Iceman’s Co-worker diagnosed with cancer
Prayers for Perry Mason & family

The Station is an awesome AO and I always enjoy leading the PAX and almost Merloting each time I Q. EH some guys and get them out to any AO soon. Hold each other accountable, support your brothers, and make a conscious effort each day to help someone in need or your community. Grrr out.

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