Put me in coach…

  • Workout Date - 05/10/2016
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob
  • The PAX - Dunphey, Double Windsor, Katina, Caviar, Houdini, Stewie, Weeman, Underwood, Inspector Gadget, Latka, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Soul Plane, Punch Out, Hootie
  • AO -

8PM Monday night, Amelia is in full swing mentioning how he is going to bring the pain and poking at Hootie and Houdini on the Twittah.  A lot of anticipation for a long awaited bootcamp Q.  4:40AM Tuesday AM, Amelia is eating his words and having to ask for a pinch hitter Q due to illness.  YHC steps in and disappoints 14 others when he steps in the center of the circle and starts the workout.

Warm up
15 X Mtn Climbers
10 X Merkins
10 X Squats

Mosey to the stairs below Lazy Goat and partner up

The Thang
Partner 1 runs up the stairs, down the alley, down the other set of stairs, and back to the start.
Partner 2 rotates through 10 Merkins, 10 Squats, and 10 Big boy situps until partner gets back
After 3 laps each, switch directions
Finish after 6 laps

Mosey across the street from Starbucks where the fountain is

10 X Dips
5 X Bulgarian Split Squats each leg OYO
10 X Dips with right leg raised
5 X Bulgarian Split Squats each leg OYO
10 X Dips with left leg raised
5 X Bulgarian Split Squads each leg OYO

Line up on the street for a sprint
*At this time Caviar takes off without being told to go
Countdown 3-2-1 GO…..
Mad props to Wee-Man and Stewie who ended up catching Caviar even with a head start.  He will probably blame it on wearing the wrong shorts.

Russian Twists X 15
Back Scratchers X 15
Backwards Crunches X 15
Flutters X 15
LBCs X 15

Naked Moleskin
– Millennium Blue Falcon Death Dive this Saturday…meet at REI.  7AM start is everyone staying together…7:20 is competition
– Prayers for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s friend who’s dad is having health problems
– Prayers for Bam Bam’s dad

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