PT Mile of Pain

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  • Workout Date - 06/01/2015
  • Q In Charge - No Strings Attached
  • The PAX - NSA, Mab Mab, Mr. Rogers, Fire Marshall Bill
  • AO -

YHC pulled into the entrance of Tyger Park at 5:10 hoping to find PAX ready to start the week off right with a pre-run. After 5 min of waiting, no takers, so YHC took off. But wait, Fire Marshall Bill pulls in right as YHC takes off, so we nixed the pre-run and had some quality 2nd F while we waited on 5:30.


17 SSH, IC
10 slow merkins, IC
15 imperial walkers, IC
20 mountain climbers, IC

The Thang:

YHC had planned for two different scenarios depending on how many PAX posted, but with a meager 4 PAX, YHC went with Plan B as Plan A was just too epic to unleash with 4 PAX. YHC put Plan A in his back pocket hoping some PAX from other AOs might come test the Tyger one day.

The PAX started a mosey around the mile loop track that circles Tyger Park for what YHC has dubbed the PT mile of Pain. There are markers at each 1/4 mile. The PAX performed the following exercises at each 1/4 mile marker:

-20 big boy sit-ups
-20 merkins
-20 squats
-10 burpees

It was great running the PT Mile of Pain with the PAX! There was a lot of #mumblechatter and YHC thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Fire Marshall Bill and Mr. Rogers (Engineers unite!). The PAX maintained a casual pace for this first run, but YHC envisions the Mile of Pain might reemerge, #crucible style…

There was 15 min left when the PAX made it back to the shovel flag. YHC, according to Plan B, was about to call modified catch me if you can (plank and lunges, 6 inches and burpee broad jumps), but the PAX were showing signs of smokage so he audibled to Mab Mab: “bear crawls?” groans ensued “Ok, what about catch me if you can?” Great minds think alike…

-One partner back pedals, while the other does 3 burpees and sprints to their partner. AMRAP for 9 min.


– 20 flutter kicks, IC
– 40 single count russian twists, OYO
– 20 erectors, IC
– 20 freddie murcury, IC
– 6 inches until time


YHC really felt the purpose of F3 during this Q. Considering the small head count, the PAX discussed the importance of EHing our brothers and how it can make such a huge impact in Mens’ lives. You never know who might buy in to F3 and how it could turn their life around. YHC is living proof!

Prayers for Mab Mab’s friends having pregnancy complications. They continue to try and trust God’s plan. They need our prayers!

Praise for Mr. Roger’s brother and the improvement of potentially severe spinal problems with a baby on the way!

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