Proud Anniversary!

  • Workout Date - 07/09/2015
  • Q In Charge - Footloose
  • The PAX - Golden Sombrero, Zippit, 00, NSA, Ahnold, Gold Bond, Stuart Smalley, Slapshot, Earthmover, YHC
  • AO -

Today was YHC’s F3 Anniversary, which comes as a shock!  Only one year?!?!?!

As I planned the workout leading up to the gloom, I had the feeling that I wanted to celebrate the impact the PAX has had on my life over the past year.  The friends I have made, the influences that have impacted my life…I truly am humbled to be part of such a great group of men.  I shared with the PAX this morning, that the philosopher Aristotle, while studying ants coined the now famous phrase “Together, the ant colony was greater than the sum of its parts.”  That is F3!  The PAX is certainly greater than the Q.  I am now stronger and better emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally b/c of the #menofthegloom.  If you look on Facebook and see how many friends you have…300, 500, 1000, etc…However, how many of them could you call at 3:00AM when you’re in trouble and they would show up with a shovel to help you hide the body or dig you out of the mess you are in???  That is a true friend. I am proud to say that I have 30+ of these friends!!!  And many have shovel flags in their trucks!  That is what F3 is, MEN MAKING AN IMPACT!

Now on to the Thang:

SSH x 11 IC
IW x 17 IC
Mosey around to back of MRCA

To celebrate the PAX, YHC wanted to include everyone in the Q.  Ten men, ten rounds.  When I call your name, you’ve got the Q.  This turned out to be a lot of fun!  Everyone took a turn and we covered nearly 3 miles in the process.  The #mumblechatter was alive and well.

Great job men!  I appreciate every one of you and am proud to tell you that I am that 3:00AM friend for each of you!


Praise/Prayers for 00 as they welcome a foster child into their home.  Pray for patience, wisdom, peace and discernment.

2nd driver still needed for BRR Low and Slow team.  9/11 – 12.  Contact Footloose for details.

Always a pleasure men!


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  1. Inspector Gadget


    Congrats on the anniversary. After the 7+ miles I ran Wednesday, I needed to give my knees some rest, or I would have been there. Please feel free to call me at 3:00 am or any other time you feel the need. i have your back, just as I know you have mine.


    What a wonderful thing you are doing. May God bless your home.

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