Prep Work

  • Workout Date - 05/08/2014
  • Q In Charge - Bartman and Radar
  • The PAX - Hardhat, Banjo, Erector, Slim, Longbottom, Posh, Punkin, Earthmover, Snowden, FNG MollyRingwald (Seth), Alfred, Bib, BillyJean, Double00, Epee, MsDoubtfire
  • AO -

18 strong made a conscious decision to get out of the bed and to put in their daily downPAINment at TheBurbs. With plenty of #CSAUP opportunities coming down the pipe this summer YHC thought a little prep work would do us all some good.

WarmUp: Led by Radar
SSH x 20
IW x 20
LBC x 20
Group Support Merkins x 10 or as many as your group can complete, this got the morning gloom off to a great start.

The BurbianThang:
Taken right from the T-Yard on Tuesday, the ArcLoader: Bear Crawl up the playground, run to the top of the hill and crab walk down. Rinse and Repeat x 4

Swerkins x 15
Pull-Ups x 10
Dips x 20
Complete each of the above exercises, run around the MRC (.25 mile). Rinse and Repeat x 3

6MoM Led by Radar
Flutters x 20 (Radar cadence)
Dollies x 20
Backscratchers x 50 OYO

Naked Moleskin:
Great energy from the PAX this morning, having Radar explain the group support merkin was like winding up a spinning top and letting it go for 45 minutes with Snowden #mumblechatter.
FNG Seth (Molly Ringwald), keep coming out man. It won’t get easier but you will get stronger. Bring some buddies while you are at it!
The Burbs is growing but we need to get back to basics and just keep EH’ing guys. There are some regular members of the PAX that haven’t been posting recently. I’m sure there are good reasons, like Swingline having a 2.0 (Congrats and see you soon), but others just need to get moving!! No need to call out individuals YET but you are missed and we look forward to you getting back into the gloom.

We are looking to start a version of the Ring of Fire on the Eastside of town (Riverside Middle School Track), PreBlast will be going out soon.
Spartanburg Launch with Longbottom and Debit Q’ing, they are leaving from Starbuck’s on Pelham at 6:10am

Praises and Prayer Request:
Lift up Posh’s mother as she copes with meaningful dates like anniversaries as a widow.
Keep Erector in your prayers as he is looking for a new job.

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