Preblast — Spring Mud Run Registration

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The Spring 2014 USMC Mud Run will be held on Saturday, April 12th at the Leatherneck Course near Columbia, SC. Details on the race can be found at the event’s website, but I’m not going to give you that link just yet because…

Registration for the Spring USMC Mud Run opens Friday, November 1st on the mud run website, BUT, F3 Nation should NOT register through that site. Instead, there will be a registration form specifically for us posted on (coming soon). The mud run has reserved a block of starting times just for us with a time buffer before and after our teams begin (just like this Fall).

The F3 Registration and Payment Deadline is WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2013.

USMC Mud Run has increased the registration fee to $200 per team. There will also be a small handling fee for online registration. You should plan on $55 per man. The website form will allow a team captain to register his entire team. A team captain registering his entire team should be prepared with the following information for each team member:

  • Real name (First and Last)
  • F3 Nickname
  • F3 Region
  • Cell Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • T-Shirt size

You may register as a team or as an individual. Individuals will have an opportunity to indicate levels of fitness/goals/competitiveness, etc. so “gazelles” get placed with other “gazelles” and not with “elephants.” And vice versa. Team rosters do not need to be set in stone at this time, just the number of teams from each region.

Each Region will coordinate it’s own teams, including transportation/sundries. Details and payment for transportation will be handled separately from mud run registration and closer to the date of the event. The Columbia organizing team will coordinate any nomad cities not currently served by a Region.

Questions should be directed to your Regional Mud Run Q or to


6 thoughts on “Preblast — Spring Mud Run Registration”

  1. I am sorry – what is the “handling fee” for?? Is that a MudRun processing fee or a F3 processing fee? I didn’t notice a processing fee on the USMC site when I went to register…

    Also – we finished 3rd overall and I believe that sets us up to start 3rd overall in April which we absolutely want to take advantage of this year. By registering through F3 are we locked in to the F3 block of times?

    Thanks for taking the Q here.

    1. Handling fee is charged by the site we’re using to register F3 — it’s no different than a PayPal handling fee.

      You will get the priority slot you earned. Already covered with USMC people.

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