Preblast: FiA is coming to Greenville

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  • Workout Date - 03/21/2023
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Look out, gents. The M’s are about to get involved. Has your wife/partner gone from rolling her eyes about our funky lingo, to scratching her head thinking F3 is kinda cool, to wishing she has something as fulfilling as what we’ve built at F3 Swamp Rabbit? If so, she’s in luck

Females in Action (FiA for short) is the women’s group that was inspired by their husbands’ involvement and enthusiasm for all things F3 at the Mothership in Charlotte. FiA Greenville has been unofficially on Monday/Thursday evenings at 1830 at Mauldin Elementary. The time has come, however, for an official launch. Here are the details:

What: FiA Greenville Big Bang

Where: Legacy Park

When: Saturday, February 22, 0815. Immediately following F3.

Who: All women in the area, but we’re hoping to EH a lot of the F3 Swamp Rabbit M’s.

How: Any way they can. The idea is for M’s to be able to pass off 2.0’s to F3 PAX and have an informal coffeteria at Legacy while the ladies get down to it.

Why: You shouldn’t have to ask.

M.Scoop, a.k.a. Julia Given, a.k.a. You’ve Got Mail is the Q for this group. She can be reached at They’re also got a Facebook page set up. Simply do a search for FIA Greenville and it will pop up.

So, start spreading the word. Talk to your M, her friends, and let’s help support this effort!



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