Preblast – February Finale

  • Workout Date - 02/25/2015
  • Q In Charge - Floppy
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

Tomorrow circuit will be tough for Seal Team 6.  Of course they’d lap us a couple time but still…


  • Mosey the course then back to the starting gate of the circuit


  • Climb the rope, touch the limb, descend the rope
  • Bear Crawl to near-by shooting range, take out target illuminated by F3 Flag
    • Miss?  Take the cinderblock detour.
    • Hit? Bear Crawl to target, reset target
  • Run to Merkin Medow where we’ll do merkins in four configurations – / ^ \ over blocks
  • Triple jump down and back through the center lot (about 8 hops, skips and jumps)
  • Exit the parking lot, running to the far entrance to the school
  • Burpee Broad Jump between the lights and continue back to the church vestibule
  • 80 LBC under vestibule (I’ll bring a couple mats)
  • Bumper Jumpers (8 x 11)
  • Bear Crawl back to the rope

Goal is to wake up with some muscle soreness on Thursday.


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