Preblast – Crucible 7/18/2014 Mud-Run Training

  • Workout Date - 07/18/2014
  • Q In Charge - Domer Simpson
  • The PAX - Mud Run participants
  • AO -
Where:  Cleveland Park.  (Park by playground, closest to war memorial)
When:  0515  7.18.2017 – Starting Sharply at 0515 so make sure you have time to warm-up.
Why: Prepare for USMC Mud Run!
Gloves Recommended
The Thang:
This is an individual event to begin seeding our top teams for the USMC Mud Run.  It is flat out 5 laps ( around the Loop from Vietnam War Memorial to the Dog Park.  Overcome each obstacle or exercise station.  Failure to Complete = 20 Burpie Penalty.
Start / Finish: The cross walk by the bridge, run through Vietnam War Memorial heading towards the Bridge.
Station 1:  Balls To Walls across the bridge.  Feet on the rail, walk your hands down the length of the bridge (there are two bridges available to minimize bottle-necking.
Station 2: Traverse the Monkey Bars.
Station 3: 15 Burpies
Station 4: Low crawl the length of the Kitty Litter.  Knees and Elbows must be touching the sand.
Station 5: Traverse the Monkey Bars
Station 6: Bear Crawl the length of the long field from the intersecting sidewalk to the cone.
The actual race we are training for is 6.2 miles with 36 obstacles.  5.8 per mile, which is why we have conveniently laid out 6 per lap.
Crucible 7.16

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