Pre-season Jamboree

  • Workout Date - 07/29/2015
  • Q In Charge - Zoila
  • The PAX - 1040 (WB), Iceman, Weed Wacker, Nails (WD, Double Respect), Screech, Zoila (YHC)
  • AO -


The VSF was planted (mine was missing…more on that later…) and 6 good men followed me into the dark.

The Conditions: Little warm.  75 degrees Fahrenheit, damp, 85% humidity.

The Thang: Warm up with about 100 arm circles forward and backward while we wait for any stragglers.  Man, arm circles are so easy they shouldn’t even really count as exercise.

Mosey as a group north on Waccamaw, left on Westminster, right at the traffic circle to Augusta Street, huddle up at BB&T.

The rules: Run at your own pace, but if you are not the last pax there, do 5 burpees and then go tag the 6.

First stop: Augusta Road Baptist Church (go NW on Augusta to the corner of Jones/Augusta).

Second stop: North on Jones to the intersection of Jones/Crescent.

Third stop: Continue north on Jones to intersection of Jones/Cleveland.

Here we are at the #Commode, which is also a historic gridiron football stadium.

Head down to the field.

Bent Jacobs ladder.  Run stadium steps in a serpentine pattern (Up to the top, 1 burpee, over a section, down, over a section, up to the top, 2 burpees, and so on…to 7 burpees).

Finish our 7 burpees, down and up one more time for Nails.

Down to the field, line up on the goal line.  We had a few Bulldogs in attendance today, so we simulated a scenario in which they are losing in the 4th quarter of their opener and need a big 100-year kick return to win it.  In some scenarios, the Bulldogs won, in others, Louisiana-Monroe pulled off the upset (i.e. the pax ran slow down the field).

Out of the gate, mosey/slowsey back to the VSF, stopping to plank in a few sections.  Oh yeah, also stop and do 10 skull crushers at the CVS.


Ye Olde Moleskine:

Re-living my high school football days as the 4th string safety always brings back fond memories.  That’s one of the main things I love about F3, the camaraderie, mutual respect, and fellowship that’s developed in between of grueling sets of stadium steps, merkins, burpees, and what have you.  We call it fellowship and #mumblechatter, but its the same concept- teamwork.  Working hard to encourage and support the men around you.  To quote Black Hawk Down: “That’s what they won’t understand…it’s about the men next to you. That’s all it is.”

YHC may or may not have “written my initials” in the grass during the workout.  Sorry, couldn’t hold it.

Larry Birds to Screech, 1040 and Weed Wacker.

So the shovel flag…okay apparently I forgot it after a workout last week.  It was still planted in the grass for a few days before someone stole the flag.  So, I still have the shovel…I just need to get a new flag.  Apparently, not everyone is worthy of being trusted to remember their shovel flag… what’s my penalty?

Plenty of CFB discussions this morning, including, Who is UGA’s opening opponent?  Our two resident DAWGS (Screech and Nails) didn’t know the answer.  Maybe Earthmover would have…probably not though because it’s Louisiana-Monroe.  You know, that team that’s in Monroe, Louisiana.  How could yall have forgotten abt them?  ULM actually maybe might be kinda good.  Look out Dawgs.  Also some discussion re: Tennessee and whether or not they’ll be good (YHC thinks not, but popular opinion is apparently against me).  YHC and 1040 tried to discreetly talk about what a goober Steve Spurrier is, but we turned around and Iceman was RIGHT THERE.  No offense Ice.  Weed Wacker tried to talk about Notre Dame and no one cared.


Announcements: Michelin 5k on 8/15/15.  Paris Mtn 7k on 8/7.  BRR coming up.  Mud Run on 10/24, Spinx on 10/31.  Get your mind right.

Prayer Requests: Ice is moving houses, got lots of details to iron out and stuff to move.  Prayers for stress and getting through the process.  Nails’ brother-in-law (YHC’s uncle) has early onset Alzheimers.  Prayers for he and his wife, for love and support.  YHC’s and Screech’s 2.0s start kindergarten in a few weeks.  Prayers for us as parents to trust God and others, prayers for our 2.0’s, and prayers for the teachers and classmates.  A robust COT/BOM today.  Aye.

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