Pre-Blast Upper Body Crucible Beat Down

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
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Upper Body Crucible Beat Down


The Crucible has been a run fest lately. Time to work on core, upper body and still grind out a 5 miler.

Start with a ½ mile mosey around the Body Weight Beast track.

Start off by the pole where we start The Beast:

50 2 count Butterfly kicks

Run down trail across bridge and street and back around the baseball field.

15 pull ups- max out then single burpees for anything under 15.

Run up hill down the trail when you goup a few hills and headed back down near the road, there is a guard rail on the right side of trail:

35 Derkins – Chest hits the ground on every count at bottom. Head down the trail, cross the road, stay on the trail and go until you hit the shed with picnic tables on your left.

35 perfect dips. Head down the trail until you hit the sandbox. Start in the right corner:

Go to the left and crawl on your elbows and knees with ass down all the way around to the far right corner (Crawl 3sides). Hit the trail up the hill by the dog park and pick a light post about half way then :

Hammer out 15 Burpees.

Then run to the Monkey bars and you must scale over the obstacle, not under it.

Run back to start and repeat one more lap.

Instead of crossing road for a 3rd lap, we will circle around the .86 mile loop.

Start with 35 derkins crossing the bridge

Keep going down the trail and repeat everything else that we did for two more laps.

This should be 5 miles. We may only get in 2 long laps and one .86 mile lap


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