Pre-Blast: The Jiggity Jackalope 2017

  • Workout Date - 12/08/2022
  • Q In Charge - All yall
  • The PAX - All yall
  • AO -

Introducing: THE JACKALOPE

Introducing: THE JACKALOPE

It’s that CSAUP time again: #TheJackalope.  The event is a 7+ mile run through several AO’s and will include pain stations along the way (roughly every mile).  This is not a race, but a group run, pax will be complete the pain stations together, regardless of how quickly they complete the mile.  Fast pax who want to push the pace (Hootie) are welcome to do, but the stipulation is that once they get to the next pain station, they double-back, tag the six, and then proceed to the next point.

This event will be hard and #CSAUP, but the #2ndF will be flowing like (and with) beer…


What: 7+ mile run from Pitch Fork to Golden Strip, with pain stations in between.  One Direction has created a route that will be in the comments section.

How: This is a fellowship event, not a race.  No awards, virtual or otherwise will be handed out.  Think #Lucy, but with 10 minutes of pain every mile.

Who: If you have posted at a standard F3 bootcamp, you are capable of doing this.  The runs in-between pain stations will be <1.5 miles.

When: June 3, 2017.  Meet at 0530 at Golden Strip to clown car to the start line.  Gun start is at 0600.  Estimated completion time is 3 hours.

Where: If carpooling to start, meet at Mauldin Elementary at 0530.  If getting dropped off and arranging pick up, be at the Pitch Fork at 0555.

Swag: TBD.  Volunteer in the comments section if you’d like to Q the Shirt-making process.

Ways you can help: Several!
1) Q a pain station.  Sign-up in the comments, via twitter or email.  Still need Q’s, reply if you want to Q.

2) Volunteer to support if you can’t or don’t want to run.  We’ll need at least 2 pax on bikes keeping an eye on the pax and 1 in a minivan to sweep and provide support.  Again, via comments, twitter or email.

3) Can’t do either of the above?  Just meet us at Golden Strip at 0900 with some refreshments for the pax and be ready for some sweaty #2ndF.

More info:
-Hydration packs (camelbaks) are recommended.
-It’ll be early when we start so bring reflective gear if you have it.
-Bring your own fuel if you can handle it without getting the squirts
-some form of emergency contact info (Road ID)
-M’s and 2.0’s are welcome and encouraged to be at the finish (Mauldin Elementary School, 0900) for fellowship and fun.

If you plan to attend, please Hard Commit by signing up in the comments.

Or HC via email to or in the comments or via twitter.

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