Pre-Blast: The Crucible

  • Workout Date - 10/24/2014
  • Q In Charge - Aloha and Mega Mu
  • The PAX - Everyone who likes to do hard things in order to get better...
  • AO -

If this looks like something that Mega typed, well…that’s because I copy and pasted it. I realize that  gets me 0 (zero) points for originality, but keep in mind that I should bring in a solid 100 (one hundred) points for effectiveness. This is the workout we did for the hard-launch (haha, “hard” launch…gross) of the Crucible back in the day. And when I say “back in the day”, I mean June. So a few months ago, then…

Disclaimer: any use of a map is for the sole purpose of getting a reaction from GCOD


The Thang:

Partner Up

Starting at picnic shelter 5 (see park map above), run 4 laps (clockwise) around the Ramona Graham fitness trail (~3.25 mi total).  Complete the exercises at the indicated locations (reps listed are total for you and your partner)



Station 1 – Playground just past volley ball pit

30 Burpees

Station 2 – Corner of Canine Corners
40 Smurf Jacks
Station 3 – Intersection of path (keep right)
40 Merkins
Station 4 – Bridge (before going over)
40 Squat Jumps
Station 5 – Pullup bar
20 Pullups

If you’re looking to get stronger and faster, this is the workout for you.  It won’t be easy, but then again nothing worth doing ever is.  Show up a few minutes early, and we’ll get started right at 0515.  Park in the lot beside picnic shelter 5, and bring a headlamp if you have one.

See you in the gloom,

Mega Mu Aloha

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